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The Block's Sara and Hayden are at breaking point

The newlyweds are already on the rocks as the show heats up.

The Block viewers can expect tears, tantrums and a barrage of insults between "feisty" couple Sara and Hayden this week when the cracks start to show in the newlyweds' relationship.
Things get so bad at the Gatwick Sara breaks down in tears, and when she swears at Hayden, the state of their marriage is seriously brought into question.
"F**k you and the [property] agent," snaps Sara as she demands the pair order a desk for their guest bedroom.
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The state of Sara and Hayden's their marriage is seriously brought into question.
Sara, who has already come under fire for her styling more than once in the competition, also complains that her husband is stubborn and tells the camera, "You can't argue with stupid."
At one point she even sticks her middle finger up at Hayden as he walks off, and tells her husband to "shut up" because he's annoying her.
But Sara reveals the couple's constant squabbling on the show is nothing compared to what they're like at home.
"The Block is one big pressure cooker," Sarah reveals.
"At home we fight all the time. This is good compared to home!" the mum-of-one says.
"We went in there completely real, we weren't going to change our personalities," she says.
"The Block is one big pressure cooker, but if your relationship can survive it, it can survive anything."
The couple's volatile behaviour certainly hasn't gone unnoticed with viewers.
It's already rubbed fans up the wrong way, with one commenting, "Hands up if you can't stand Sara and Hayden!" on Twitter.
"I can already tell you that I think Sara is annoying," added another.
Things look set to go from bad to worse when Sara is accused of cheating.
But things look set to go from bad to worse when Sara is accused of cheating and producers are forced to step in to confront her.
Jess notices her rival making a video call to an interior designer to get her opinion on wallpaper – which is against the show's rules.
"I just want us to have an even playing field," says Jess, who tells Bianca and Carla about catching Sara in the act.
But when Sara is quizzed over her rule-breaking she plays dumb, telling producers she can't remember who she was on the phone to.
Careful, Sara – the cameras don't lie!

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