The Block

The Block: Mitch and Mark spill on Tess and Luke’s blindside

The friendship is well and truly over

By Zara Zubeidi
Mitch and Mark were left blindsided in tonight's episode of The Block when their friends and neighbours, Tess and Luke, voted "no" to them having a pool.
The fall-out wasn't pretty – Mitch and Mark immediately removed their trades from Tess and Luke's house and later, were involved in an explosive confrontation with Tess and Luke themselves.
Mitch told the couple to "grow up" and stop playing "victims".
"You've just kicked us while we're down," Tess responded, struggling to hold back tears. "You've torn everything apart for us".
Mark tells TV WEEK that he hoped his and Mitch's reaction would serve as a "big life lesson" for Tess and Luke.
"There are consequences to everything we do in life," he says. "It wasn't difficult for us to make a stand and say no after helping them out for eight weeks."
Tess and Luke voted "no" to Mitch and Mark's pool.
Mitch says he was "shocked" by Tess' reaction.
"To me, her view was, 'If I punch someone in the face, I'm shocked they will punch me back'. That was my interpretation," he explains.
"And what shocked me the most after that was that we were the bad guys. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and assume people are good until they prove me they aren't. But we're probably too old for that – maybe I should assume they're not good, until they prove they're good."
Luke tells TV WEEK that Mitch and Mark's reaction to the Body Corporate meeting was a shock to everyone.
"Nobody saw it coming," he says. "Everyone had been super supportive up until that stage. But after that meeting, all hell broke loose.
"The boys just turned their nose up at us and didn't want to speak to us. It was clear they weren't helping us anymore and didn't want to help anyone."
Mitch and Mark were "shocked" by Tess and Luke's reaction to their decision to remove trades.
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