The Block

The Block's Mark and Mitch have a sneaky secret plan for their renovation

“No-one saw it coming.”

By Zara Zubeidi and Helen Vnuk
Professional property flippers Mitch and Mark have a plan they believe will give them a massive advantage on The Block. And it's set to leave the other teams in the competition reeling!
"I don't think anyone saw it coming," Mark, 57, tells TV WEEK.
Mitch says he and Mark hatched the plan after hearing last year that the show's new location would be The Oslo Hotel in Melbourne's St Kilda.
"We did a bit of searching and we found the plans for The Oslo online," Mitch explains of the top-secret plan they'll begin to put into action this week.
"It was long before we even knew we were going to be on The Block."
Mark and Mitch have an ace up their sleeves.
The Sydney couple considered who might be prospective buyers of the properties when they come to auction.
"We asked ourselves, 'Who's going to spend that kind of money?' and 'What are they going to need?' and decided to shake it all up," Mark explains.
Mitch, 56, says they didn't feel the need to share their plan with the other four teams vying to win the show.
"We didn't want anyone else knowing, because we thought what we were doing was the most logical thing to do for that house. It's a competition!" he says.

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