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The Block 2019: Jesse and Mel's exciting engagement news

Ambitious duo Jesse and Mel are planning a big surprise.

By Woman's Day team
Most couples feel the pressure under the almighty strain of The Block, but nothing could be further from the truth for Jesse Raeburn and Mel Manson, with the pair revealing they could soon be trading in their hard hats for a wedding dress and diamond ring!
Real estate agent Jesse, 29, tells Woman's Day fans could see him propose at The Block's auction this Sunday.
"I have definitely thought about it, it's something that's definitely crossed my mind. It would certainly be a smart way to score a free wedding!" he says with a cheeky smile.
The Block contestants Jesse and Mel all loved up. (Source:Instagram)
The couple, who initially met at high school before falling out of touch, reconnected years later on Facebook after they both moved to Melbourne from Queensland.
"We went to the pub, played some pool, and that was literally it. We've been inseparable ever since," says Mel, 31.
And it sounds like Mel's open to a Block wedding, too – but fans shouldn't expect a glitzy affair.
"I think we're both not really into the idea of a big wedding. It's not our style," says the contracts administrator.
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The Block's auction could be a big day for contestants Jesse and Mel in more ways than one. (Source: Instagram)
The couple previously told Woman's Day they signed up for the show with hopes to provide for their future kids.
"It's why we went on The Block," Mel said. "[We wanted] to make some money. We definitely want a family."
She added: "We will definitely have kids before marriage, because we want the money to set up ourselves. Right now, it's a home and a family."
"We tend to do everything backwards. I think I told her that I loved her first," says Jesse.
"Yeah, and then you moved in, then you asked me to be your girlfriend. I was very confused," Mel laughs.
And the couple have specific requirements when it comes bringing a brood in to the world.
"We want twins," says Mel. "My brother and sister are twins. That's what I'm hoping for."
Jesse and Mel are hoping for twins in the future. Image: Supplied

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