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Tears and tantrums are rife on The Block as the teams are posed with their hardest challenge yet

They don't call it hell week for nothing...

By TV Week team
There's a good reason hallway week on The Block has its own nickname, says contestant Tash – "it really is Hell Week!".
The moment when the true shape of the house can finally be seen, Hell Week means finishing off the corridors and ceilings between completed rooms and any leftover spaces – and painting them.
It's already stressful, but when an extra layer is added in the form of a door that needs specialist care, it's all too much for father and daughter team Harry and Tash.
"Hallway week is known as hell week for a reason and then to all of a sudden find out that we've got to restore something that's going to take quite a number of hours? It's extremely stressful!" Tash, 32 tells TV WEEK.
Faced with this extra job, Harry explodes in what Tash admits was, "a temper tantrum", but one she fully backs him in having.
"Hallway week is known as hell week for a reason," Tash told TV WEEK. (Channel Nine)
"I was like you know what? It's not fair!"
The stress of the week was compounded for the parents in the Block teams who were missing their children.
For Jimmy, it comes to a head when he visits Sarah and George's winning upstairs bedroom.
"I had no idea they were doing a little girl's room, so it was a big shock when I walked in… and all the feels came out," Jimmy, 33 says.
Blockheads are in for a tough week - but there are some saving graces. (Channel Nine)
"It all just hit me like a Mack truck how much I miss our daughter Frankie and I had to walk out of the room. I had tears already, but if I had stayed in there, I probably would have fallen into a crying mess!"
The only consolation for Hell Week, Tash adds, was that it was also All-Star week, when 2019's Block contestants arrive to lend a hand.
For Jimmy and Tam, that was fellow Queenslanders Tess and Luke, while Harry and Tash played host to Sydney's Mitch and Mark.
It is, says Tash, "like angels swooping in from 2019 to save us".
"Without them I honestly don't know how we'll even come close to finishing," she adds.
WATCH: Inside The Block's warehouse where all the materials are stored:

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