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EXCLUSIVE: The Block’s Georgia reveals how she and Ronnie plan to spend the prize money if they win the show

''We didn’t go there to come second or third!''

By Olivia O'Brien
Perth couple Georgia and Ronnie are the favourites to take out The Block 2021 thanks to a seemingly unstoppable winning streak.
And cheering them on all the way are the reality stars' biggest fans – their kids!
"They're so proud," says Georgia of son Leo, nine, and daughter Scarlett, seven.
"We're doing quite well on the show, so they have bragging rights at school."
Georgia, who's also stepmum to husband Ronnie's 20-year-old son from a previous relationship, Giordano, says they don't like everything they're seeing on screen though.
The couple have found it hard being away from the kids. Channel Nine
"They get really fired up if they hear someone saying something about Mum and Dad, they just go like, 'What?' They're very invested," she says.
"It's a lesson in social etiquette. We say to them, 'You're honest and you treat people with respect, [but] it doesn't mean you have to get along with everyone.'"
Indeed, Georgia and Ronnie have clashed with fellow competitors Tanya and Vito and Josh and Luke, but Georgia says she can understand why they resorted to cheating.
"The Block, it's like a pressure cooker, and every day you're forced to compete against each other," she says.
"I would like to think if we were out of The Block, we could get along, but there are qualities there that don't align with my morals."
However, drama with her fellow Blockheads hasn't been Georgia's biggest challenge.
"It was the distance from the kids," says the 37-year-old reality star, who lives in WA with her family, and first competed on the show with Ronnie, 45, in 2017.
"First time around everything was new and exciting, the second time around you know the process so you're a little bit more comfortable in what you're doing, therefore you've got more time to think about what's happening back at home," she says.
"I really missed the kids and because they're that little bit older as well, they were able to communicate how they were feeling, so it was a challenge.
"But at the end of the day, it was all about leading by example and showing the kids that this is what hard work looks like."
And work hard they have!
"We didn't go there to come second or third! We are gunning for the win," Georgia admits to Woman's Day, revealing the couple have big plans for the cash if they do come up trumps on auction day.
"That's something we're going to document and share along the way, so we're excited about that." Channel Nine
"We're currently living in a 100-year-old weatherboard cottage we bought a couple of years ago and it's in desperate need of a renovation," says the reality star.
"We've slowly been doing little bits here and there, but it's such a little cottage that it just doesn't function for our family, so our plan is to do an amazing extension.
"That's something we're going to document and share along the way, so we're excited about that."
And that's good news for reno fans! Georgia confirms the couple are in talks with a few production companies about turning the process into a TV show.
"We've got a couple of shows in the works all within the Nine family, so it's set to be a very busy year for us," says Georgia.
"I've got lots of things I'd like to say to people." Channel Nine
She also admits the family's home renovation business, Renovation HQ, has "gone from strength to strength" since the couple's first appearance on The Block.
The same can't be said for Georgia's relationship with some of her fellow Blockheads though, and she admits to Woman's Day that auction day may be awkward.
"I've got lots of things I'd like to say to people," she says.
"I'm really looking forward to seeing Kirsty and Jesse and Mitch and Mark – they're lovely people.
"And then Josh and Luke and Tanya and Vito? Yeah, dot, dot, dot… [laughs]. In the heat of the moment, who knows what could happen?"

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