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Feeling the strain! El’ise Bothe’s explosive Block meltdown

The mum-of-three’s past comes back to haunt her.

It's already come under fire for being the most impossible season of The Block ever, with fans hitting back at the series, deeming it "very unfair on contestants" and "not good for morale".
And it couldn't be more true for mum-of-three El'ise Bothe, 33, who's cracking under pressure on site at The Oslo in Melbourne, with crew members seemingly walking on eggshells around her.
In photos obtained by Woman's Day, the fashion manager is seen melting down on site and almost coming to blows with the crew as she waves her arms around and looks to be in tears.
Now, there are fears for El'ise's mental state as she tells us she was spiralling out of control on set.
"I really lost myself," she admits. "I'm usually so upbeat and can find the positive in any case, but I just began to really question myself."
"I really lost myself," says the WA contestant. Image: Channel Nine
While Blockheads are no stranger to the pressure and expectation of the series, with contestants forced to sleep in bunk beds and away from their families, El'ise didn't expect to be haunted by the financial strains of her past.
El'ise – who's mum to Baxter, eight, Charlize, six and Maverick, five – tells Woman's Day that things start to fall apart during this week's episodes when host Scott Cam scolds her for blowing the budget, which brings up old memories of her struggling to make ends meet.
"I was completely gobsmacked – I thought they had the wrong team," she explains of hearing the news.
"I thought I was under complete control, so when comments were starting to get made around my budgets, it triggered [my financial issues]."
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El'ise admits that "budgeting was always going to be touchy" for her, given her difficulties in the past trying to raise the children on one income.
"As much as we tried our best to get ahead, we always felt like we never quite had enough," she confesses. "It's a different life when you have kids – it's hard going down to one wage, trying to feed your kids and trying to survive."
Adding to her financial woes was the fact that El'ise was desperately missing her children. She decided not to see them as often as she could as it only made her miss them more.
With her husband Matt and kids Charlize, Maverick and Baxter. Image: @eliseandmatt/ Instagram
"We chose not to because as soon as I see my babies and they see us, it's harder for them to say goodbye, and that's what happened when they came over on the show, I found it harder to let go."
El'ise admits the strain of the filming has had a serious impact on her health.
"Emotionally, I didn't think it would take such a toll on my body," she admits. "You're tired and you're stressed and crying... that's my way of releasing."
The grandads have been accused of breaking the show's rules. Image: Channel Nine

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"They cheated! There was a tradie painting the room!" an irate fan wrote. "It was in the rush to finish, he was laying down painting." "I saw that too!" another fan agreed.
Painting is the only trade that contestants aren't allowed to get any help with. "They MUST do all the painting themselves," the show's guidelines state.
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