The Block

The Block couple Hayden and Sara show what they'll do to win

Is Sara going to be The Block villain of 2018?

By Faye James
Making over the dilapidated Gatwick Hotel, the Block couples certainly have a long road ahead of them and some couples found themselves at breaking point with the first challenge.
Others resorted to what could be described as dirty tactics in a bid to clinch the win, as couples are tasked with creating a kid's bedroom from scratch within 48 hours in the premiere episode of The Block 2018 at the Gatwick. Newlyweds Hayden and Sara attempted to steal netballers Carla and Bianca's door in a bid to stay ahead of the challenge.
The Block couple Hayden and Sara steal Bianca and Carla's door in a bid to win the challenge.
When Bianca discovered their door - number 223 - had gone missing, she went on a hunt for it only to find it in the hands of Hayden and Sara.
"Hi, Sara. You've got our door," demanded Bianca. "No, no. This is our door," Sara insisted.
"You cleaned it up but it's ours. It was out the front here. We actually took it off of the spare room," interjected Carla.
"Oh, all right. Well, we guess we've fixed it up for you then," spat Sara. "I've done a lot of work on it."
"Thank you," Bianca said picking up the door.
The Block couple Bianca and Carla.
But Sara wasn't going to let her have the last word with her turning to Hayden and saying: "It's ok, we'll f* them over when we win." Charming.
But as the show came to a close, it appeared that Hayden and Sara were the victims of bad karma as they found themselves locked inside their room moments before the big reveal.
"Someone help let us out!" The couple demanded, but everyone appeared far too busy to come to their aid.
The display comes after the The Block's promo clip showcased some of Sara's more venomous behaviour yet to come.
"You've got to be kidding me!" Sara says as she breaks down in tears.
Later seen storming off the set, Sara can be heard yelling: "I'm not coming back... screw that and leave me alone!"
Could this be the first of many outbursts?

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