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Mitch and Mark speak out amid The Block's 'explosive' cheating scandal

''Have you ever made a really big stuff up in front of millions of people?''

By Tina Burke
It's the biggest cheating scandal to ever rock The Block - as the intense voiceovers and advertisements keep telling us - and let's just say, this was one TV scandal that did live up to the hype.
The dramatic unfolding of the cheating scandal has captivated viewers this week, as host Scott Cam and the show's foremen Keith and Dan attempt to get to the bottom of exactly what happened.
Over the course of the past few episodes, twin brothers Luke and Josh were exposed for cheating by fellow contestants Ronnie and Georgia.
"Josh and Luke won," Ronnie said after the twins won their first challenge of the season. "It helps to cheat!"
Josh and Luke have been accused of cheating. Image: Nine Network
As the scandal has unfolded, it's been revealed that the brothers were given an unfair advantage after seeing a photo of the production schedule from Scott's office.
Turns out, Josh and Luke got their hands on the photo from Tanya and Vito - who had claimed to have no knowledge of the situation when pressed by producers and the foremen. All was revealed on Tuesday night's episode, with more fallout promised in the coming days.
Two contestants who appear to have absolutely had it with the drama are Mitch and Mark, who were visibly fed up with the situation, especially the ongoing dishonesty, on screen.
However, that doesn't mean the pair have held a grudge in real life.
Taking to Instagram on Tuesday evening after the episode aired, the boys spoke out against people currently trolling the 'guilty' contestants.
"Have you ever made a really big stuff up in front of millions of people? Just consider for a minute how it feels under incredible pressure making a bad decision," they wrote.
Mitch and Mark were upset by the scandal - but that doesn't mean they've held a grudge. Image: Nine Network
"That's the sort of thing that is happening on The Block right now," they continued. "There's no chance to hide it, it's all out there."
"Would people be happy about a bad choice, likely not, but it's too late and it's all over the TV and in the media. The Block contestants are regular people with real feelings, families and friends."
"Please consider the impact a comment can have in the real world - it's tough, we know first-hand."
As the scandal continues on Wednesday night, Mitch and Mark are seen exchanging tense words with the twins in the show's teasers. But it's a moment, they say, is behind them.
Harsh words will be exchanged as the scandal continues. Image: Nine Network
The drama continues for the contestants when The Block returns.
The Block airs Monday to Wednesday, 7.30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, on Nine Network.

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