The Block

The Block couple Bianca and Carla emerge as early favourites

“Every netballer out there in Australia is looking up to you, wanting you to win.” That's a powerful incentive from Scott Cam.

The Block couples certainly have their work cut out for them.
Tasked with transforming the dilapidated Gatwick Hotel, rumoured to be haunted, for their first challenge they were asked to create a kid's bedroom from start to finish within 48 hours.
Despite the gruelling task ahead, it was Block couple and netball champions Bianca and Carla who appeared to be the frontrunners in the mammoth challenge.

Host Scott Cam was impressed with their competitive nature and feisty attitude. Carla summed up succinctly why she thinks she and fellow former Australian netballer Bianca have come out of the blocks in front.
"In any team I've been in that's been really successful, most people have just this positive way about them. They're willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done," said Carla while starting the reno.
"It's all about the team. And it is important to have those kind of people around us."
Scott got it: "I mean, you're under pressure, you two. You're used to winning," he said.
The Block duo, netballers Carla and Bianca have emerged as early favourites in the premiere of the reality TV show.
"You played at the elite level. Now you're at the very elite level on The Block. Every netballer out there in Australia is looking up to you, wanting you to win," he added.
"I'm excited. I think it's great. Just shows everybody the boundaries that we can push as female athletes," Bianca said.
Bianca, 36, and Carla, 35, are netballing besties who share a passion for health and fitness.
Bianca is a Commonwealth Games netball champion and Carla is a former Melbourne Vixens and Australian Diamonds player. Bianca's dad is a builder and she says renovation is 'in her blood,' while Carla 'got the reno bug' after doing up her own place
"We renovated my apartment together last year," Carla told Nine.
"We did all the demo stuff and the builders did all the proper building stuff. We had one Friday night where we were hauling a whole heap of rubble down Chapel Street in wheelbarrows while Revs (Revolver nightclub) was kicking off."
Both Carla and Bianca admit they've felt a bit lost since retiring from professional sport. "When you retire, you realise how different real life is," Carla says.
"It sounds crazy, but you have to learn what life is like when you're not a professional athlete. It's really been quite challenging." Now they think they've found their new calling via The Gatwick.
"The Block went off my radar for a bit," Bianca Said. "But after I finished playing, as soon as Carla started getting into renovating, I said we should go on The Block, so let's apply together.'"