The Block

The Block scandal! The auctions are off as heat rises on-set

It’s meant to be the biggest season yet, but the producers could not have predicted this!

By Woman's Day team
As the season progresses, viewers of The Block have been inundated with over-tired couples struggling to complete their rooms, many leaving exposed pipes, unfinished paint jobs and uneven flooring after Scott Cam yells "tools down".
While the drama has certainly transferred into stellar ratings for Nine, on-set spies are nervous it won't relay into auction sales – with some suggesting the apartments won't sell at all.
Once-loyal fans have echoed this sentiment and have not held back in expressing their distaste for this year's build, with many calling it the worst to date.
"The best resources available and you produce that monstrosity?" one furious fan posted after the kitchen reveals.
"I'm not liking any of the rooms. They look so cheap," another said.
It's not just the decor fans are commenting on, either. Many have picked up on the problematic details that have been skimmed over on the show, including the dangers of building without a roof.
"Building with no roof!? Future toxic mould infested buildings?" one said. "So stupid! Once it starts to grow, it'll always be present unless it's properly remediated," another replied. "I'll pass on buying that!"
The contestants are said to be tired, cranky and cutting many corners. (Image: Nine Network)
Many fans who have driven past the Oslo in Melbourne's St Kilda have expressed their disappointment with the "completed" complex.
"Walked past the Oslo today… it wasn't anything special," one said.
Another commented on the neglected facade of the building and its outdoor decor. "Saw it today and all the outdoor plants are dying?"
Other fans noticed cracked paint and, more gruesomely, what appeared to be dried blood smeared across Deb and Andy's front fence.
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In comparison, The Gatwick in 2018 was 230sqm, with teams getting a budget of $220,000.
The Oslo is almost double that size at 460sqm, with a budget of just $30,000 more.
"Who are they kidding? It can't be done," one viewer said.
With most of the teams running dangerously over budget, Scotty Cam has had to step in and give them an extra $40,000 in the hope they can inject some glamour – however, many of the couples have chosen to spend their money on elements that some viewers have deemed "pointless", such as El'ise and Matt's fully stocked fridge and wine cabinet.
"If I was buying this property I wouldn't care about a fully stocked fridge! Ridiculous!"

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