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EXCLUSIVE: The Block host Scott Cam reveals only two teams will make it to auction

''It’ll be the first time in 15 seasons this has happened!''

By Zara Zubeidi
It's by far the biggest building in the history of The Block, but this season of the hit show may be remembered for an entirely different reason – for the first time ever, it appears only two of the homes will be finished ahead of auction.
"I've emptied the coffers [bank account], because my boss at Channel Nine is giving me no more money," host Scott Cam, 56, says.
"I'm over budget, we're over budget. We will flog these houses unfinished. And it'll be the first time in 15 seasons this has happened."
Scott and Shelley Craft on The Block auction day in 2018.
Newlyweds Luke and Tess are particularly feeling the pressure, having blown almost their entire budget. The couple confess not finishing their home would be embarrassing.
"We'd feel absolutely gutted," Luke, 30, tells TV WEEK. "We'd feel like we've wasted everybody's time. For me especially, being a tradie, I'd feel like we've failed. It would be embarrassing and I'd look useless in front of the nation."
For the most part, Luke has dealt with his and Tess' setbacks relatively well. But that's not to say he didn't struggle behind the scenes.
"Tess says when I'm stressed or angry, I just go really quiet," he explains. "There are usually about 1000 things ticking over in my head."
Tess and Luke could make The Block history - for all the wrong reasons.
And it's not just the pair's dwindling budget adding to Luke's stress. This week, he has a run-in with foreman Dan.
"Everyone is super-stressed, and sometimes you feel Keith [the long-time Block foreman] and Dan are there to hold you up and tell you how useless you're being," he says.
"It's frustrating. It's like, 'Look, mate – we're having a bloody red-hot crack here. Cut us some slack!'"
The Block airs Monday to Wednesday, 7.30pm, on Nine Network.

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