The Block

The Block contestants spin out of control with a shock arrest and wild partying

Get ready for a whole new level of drama!

By Zara Zubeidi
Just when we thought we'd seen it all, TV WEEK can reveal all hell breaks loose on The Block this week.
As the contestants face the daunting task of redoing a room in addition to completing a second guest bedroom, a police car pulling up to The Gatwick stops them all in their tracks.
Two labourers are marched off site in handcuffs. They'd been arrested for stealing and running up charges on Norm and Jess' credit card, which went missing in week three.
Understandably, Norm and Jess were rocked when they learnt of the arrests.
A tradie leaves The Block in handcuffs.
"We had befriended them," a shocked Jess, 33, tells TV WEEK.
"We had sung them Happy Birthday, fed them… they were from overseas and were travelling.
"We'd developed a personal relationship and everybody loved them."
Norm couldn't believe what was unfolding either.
"I was in shock," the 40-year-old says.
One tradie has since been convicted of credit card fraud and deported, while the other man was released. Jess says the incident cast a shadow over the Blockheads.
"It had everyone second-guessing themselves," she says.
The sudden arrival of police leaves Jess in shock.
"Whenever something went missing, it had people wondering if it'd been stolen."
At this point in the competition, all the teams are stressed as they struggle with dwindling budgets ahead of finishing their apartments.
So to make the most out of another public holiday – and the ban on power tools – Keith treats the Blockheads to a barbecue to celebrate Bianca's birthday.
But his good intentions bring even more drama when Bianca and Carla continue their celebrations well into the night with penthouse besties Norm and Jess.
Unfortunately, the former professional netballers were supposed to spend their evening installing their insulation. It leaves their struggling builders behind schedule and furious.
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