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BREAKING: The Block: Fans v Faves cheating scandal culprit has been revealed, as the chaos comes to an end

''I want to take a photo.''

By Faye Couros
It had been dubbed the biggest cheating scandal in television history, but The Block's Fans v Faves has finally revealed its culprit.
Twins Josh and Luke have revealed that Tanya took the infamous photo that rocked the competition.
Although the four contestants admitted to seeing the photo, they and every other contestant and builder denied being the ones who broke into Scott's office to take it.
However, during Sunday night's final episode, the four constants in question revealed the real story.
First, Tanya and Vito were sat down by production to give their final word on the events that transpired, but they continued to deny their involvement in the scandal.
"No, I didn't take the photo," Tanya said.
She then read out a text exchange she'd with an unrevealed source, who had allegedly sent her a picture of the production and challenge schedule to prove her innocence.
The text was signed off "Don't worry, it's a tradies secret," and Tanya took the screenshot on February 4.
"No, I didn't take the photo." Instagram
But ultimately, the twins had something to get off their chest, and they were filmed discussing their decision to spill the truth while on their construction site.
They told producers, "There is one last thing we would like to get off our chest."
Guilt riddled with their secret, they decided to share their story.
Basically, during promo filming, the cast used the production office as a bathroom, and Josh decided to check out some information on a board, which revealed all the production details.
He insisted that he tried to memorise as much information as possible and left without taking a photo.
About 45 minutes later, Tanya went up to Josh to ask him if he had seen the board.
"I want to take a photo," Josh recounts her telling him.
She then devised a plan for him to keep guard while she went in to take a picture.
"There is one last thing we would like to get off our chest." Instagram
The twins revealed that they made up the tradie story in order to protect Tanya and Vito because "they have a family, "and it would have heavily impacted them.
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