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a bad example to be shown on television": The Block's Keith comes under fire

Angry fans and Blockheads are calling the foreman into question.

By Woman's Day team
Keith Schleiger has been a fan favourite on The Block ever since he joined the series as the resident foreman in 2011.
But now the fiery foreman has got people offside, with some fans and Blockheads calling for 
the 49-year-old to be axed from the show!
In a shock twist, the show's dedicated social network pages have received comments from fans calling out Keith's treatment of 
this year's Blockheads, in particular Daniel and Harry.
"The nastiness by Keith is 
a bad example to be shown on television," one unhappy fan writes. "They are there working as best as they can. Why does he hate poor old Harry?"
"Keith is rude and arrogant!" another not-so-subtly adds. 
"I appreciate it's all for camera but this behaviour is not sending the right messages 
to our young ones!"
Other viewers even went as far as labelling him a "bully".
"You can communicate without being a bully!" one fan says. "With each season he becomes nastier towards those he's paid to guide through the renovations," they continue.
The backlash started when Keith found himself in hot water over his comments about South Australian farmer Daniel's weight.
The incident occurred shortly after the contestants returned to the site following 
a six-week break due to COVID-19.
Laying eyes on Daniel for the first time, Keith commented on his fuller figure, pointedly asking him 
if he had "put on weight".
Some fans say Keith is a bad example to kids. (Channel Nine)
"It really got under my skin straight away," Daniel, 35, later expressed to his wife Jade, 35.
Shocked fans immediately flooded Block forums. "Is Keith really body-shaming in 2020?" one fan questioned.
"Keith, body-shaming is not something I expected from you," another said.
In a separate incident, Keith and Harry's tumultuous relationship finally came 
to a head after constant jibes and comments from the formidable foreman sent a reeling Harry fleeing the set.
Harry has taken the brunt of Keith's remarks. (Channel Nine)
"I just don't want to see him," Harry said in a piece to camera. "Please don't bring him anywhere near me."
Now, rumours are rife that he's not the only one who 
is sick of the way Keith sometimes talks to them.
While Keith has been at the centre of much controversy this year, some viewers are on his side.
Despite the negative comments on social media, 
a number of viewers have also acknowledged how much pressure the foreman is under in his high-stress job of trying to keep a safe work environment while still bringing the "drama" that's expected on the show.

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