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Channel Nine are already casting for The Block 2019

Are you what they're looking for?

If you missed out on applying for this year's season of The Block then fear not, Channel Nine are already casting for next year.
TV Tonight have revealed that the show is looking for Blockheads who are "enthusiastic, motivated, hardworking teams of two," so if that sounds like you, read on!
Fancy being a Blockhead in 2019?
But before you call up grandma or a budding teenage tradie, there is an age limit of 18-65 to consider. And you and your partner must be "energetic" and have "a sense of humour," so next year sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun.
While previous home renovation experience is a big plus for appearing on The Block, it's "not required from both partners" and "long term couples, family teams and enduring friendships need only apply."
So if this sounds like you and someone you know, and you're living in Australia of course, why not give it a go? Applications close on 9th September 2018 so the clock's ticking...
This year, the teams will be renovating the Gatwick Hotel in St. Kilda and the 2019 Blockheads are rumoured to be sticking to St. Kilda next year when they renovate The Oslo Hotel.
Hayden and Sara are the 2018 Block villains.
And while this year's teams seem energetic, funny and hard-working, it looks like Hayden and Sara are the 2018 villains.
Kerrie, who is competing on the show 
with her husband Spence, adds, "This year everyone's getting along. Out of the four other couples, there are three we'd happily work with. We don't really have a lot to 
do with Hayden and Sara – they keep to themselves. I don't know how community-minded they are."
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