The Block

Hayden and Sara crowned The Block 2018 winners

'I was more nervous at the auction than I was at my wedding!'

By Tina Burke
Hayden and Sara have been crowned winners of The Block 2018!
The couple not only sold their apartment in The Gatwick for an incredible $3.01 million, they also announced they are expecting a baby boy.
"We're so excited," Sara tells TV WEEK.
Sara and Hayden have been crowned winners of The Block.
The couple won the series after making $545,000 above their reserve price of $2.5 million.
With the additional $100,000 prize-money for winning the series, they're walking away with $645,000. So what are their plans for the prize-money?
"We've actually got another renovation that Hayden has started, so we're going to reinvest it into that," says Sara. "Possibly even go away on a little holiday!
"But our parents really helped us out with Harlow, so we'll do something nice for them. Take them on a holiday or something like that."
Hayden and Sara with their two-year-old daughter Harlow.
Hayden, 45, and Sara, 31, say announcing their baby news helped to take away some of the nerves on auction day.
""It was big news for us to tell everyone about the baby, so that was exciting, but we were still nervous," says Hayden.
"I was more nervous at the auction than I was at my wedding," Sara admits.
Hayden and Sara, who faced a myriad of struggles throughout the season, add they were just happy to have sold the place and weren't too focused on winning.
"In this economy, in this housing market, we were just pleased that everyone sold their place," says Sara.
"We were jut grateful for the opportunity, The Gatwick is going to be remembered as one of the all-time projects for The Block," adds Hayden.

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