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The Block's Sara is sticking to her guns: 'I'm not going to change!'

She's not one to back down...

By Luke Dennehy
She might be loud and unwilling to hold back when saying what she thinks, but Sara refuses to change her ways for anyone.
Perhaps that's why Sara and her husband Hayden are quickly shaping up to be the most controversial team on The Block this season.
During the first week at The Gatwick, the mum-of-one created a few fiery moments, clashing with building foremen Keith Schleiger and Dan Reilly, as well as netballers Bianca and Carla.
One of The Block's most controversial couples this year, Sara and Hayden.
In Dan's case, she accused him of being "aggressive" towards her after one row."I've always been the one in the crowd that says what everyone else is thinking," Sara, 31, concedes.
"It has worked for me in the past, and it also hasn't worked in the past."
Sara says she will always be blunt in her opinion, and this sometimes gets her into trouble.
"There are positives and negatives to it," she adds. "I might rile some people up the wrong way. But then again, on the other hand, a lot of people appreciate that kind of honest feedback."
Sara is unapologetic when it comes to saying what she thinks.
Sara and Hayden didn't have a great week on The Block, finishing last with their art deco-style bathroom with a score of 21.5. Fellow contestants Courtney and Hans took out first place with their bathroom being awarded 25.5 points.
This was in total contrast to Sara and Hayden's first room reveal challenge, which saw them take out first place for their kids bedroom. They scored a total of 25.5 points, with judges loving the simplistic and effective layout.
Host Scott Cam says Sara is one of a kind, and is sure to make interesting television in the coming weeks.
"She is her own person," Scott, 55, says. "She is confident, there is no doubt about that."
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