The Block

Meet The Block’s new replacement couple!

You'll probably recognise the couple set to takeover if Sara and Hayden walk.

By Faye James
For the last three episodes The Block villains Sara and Hayden have been threatening to walk from the show after coming last in the past three challenges and coping a lot of flack from the judges.
And during Wednesday night's episode, Scotty Cam introduces The Block's new replacement couple if the newlyweds decide to leave the show.
'Meet The Block fans and Today Show hosts Karl Stefanovic and Georgie Gardner,' announces Scotty.
Karl Stefanovic and Georgie Gardner look thrilled to be onsite at The Block as the potential couple set to replace Hayden and Sara.
Karl and Georgie look thrilled to be onsite and browse their potential new apartment should Sara and Hayden actually leave the show.
Frontrunners and winners of the last challenge Jess and Norm appear thrilled with the idea.
'I reckon Karl wouldn't want to get his hands dirty, so I don't mind them as competition,' laughs Jess.
'It concerns me if you get bad feedback again, what will happen?' Scotty questions Sara who has persistently threatened to walk.
You better stay or they're in!' threatens Scotty to Hayden.
The introduction of Karl and Georgie comes after Sara struggled to cope with the feedback she and Hayden were getting and Scotty decides to pull them aside to discuss the reality of them leaving the show.
'It concerns me if you get bad feedback again, what will happen?' Scotty questions Sara who has persistently threatened to walk.

Judge Shelley Craft seems more positive about the flight attendant's attitude.
'I love the fact that you're passionate and that you care!'
But when Sara and Hayden meet with Shaynna Blaze, she struggles to take in feedback.
'I just feel like I'm been made a mockery of,' she laments.
On Tuesday night's episode, Sara claimed the show is 'rigged' after losing the challenge to Jess and Norm.
Will Sara and Hayden last on The Block?
The tense exchanges came after Sara threatened to walk after the judges rated their bathroom makeover last, despite the couple splashing $75,000 which included a lavish brass bath tub.
"I don't want to be here. I don 't want to do this if we're going to constantly come last and be embarrassed on national TV," Sara lamented, threatening to walk from the show.
Yet on Monday night's episode the Bondi-based vixen decided to play nice and stay put.
"I'm on the verge of leaving," she said. "But I'll give it a go for one more week.
"If we get hammered again then I can't do it to myself mentally, so I will have to call it quits."
Will Sara and Hayden last? Or will we see Karl and Georgie takeover for good?

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