The Block

Meet Landscaper Dave Franklin, The Block's secret weapon

He's a behind the scenes landscape master.

By Holly Royce
Dave Franklin, the owner and director of Franklin Landscape & Designs has been a secret weapon on The Block for eight years and has been secured by more than his fair share of winning teams, including last year's winners Josh and Elyse.
Australia's favourite landscaper is hot property on The Block AND off it, and he knows he has a lot to thank the series for.
Dave Franklin (on the right) with Foreman Kieth. Two of the Block's favourites.
Speaking to Domain Dave revealed that after his team did Darren and Dee's backyard [in The Block Triple Threat] back in 2015, they had over 200 inquiries in two weeks for work.
"The people you work for [on The Block] are like a family," he tells Domain.
"They are a great production team, they are the best to work with. They'll look after you if you are looking after them."
"I get people coming up to me and wanting selfies. I don't hate it," he joked, "But it's quite funny when you come from a guy who's just done landscaping all his life!"

It's easy to forget the amount of (often thankless) work teams like Dave's put in while working on The Block.
Foreman Dan told Now to Love that without them, none of the contestants would be able to complete a room.
"People don't realise how tough it is to compete on The Block", Dan explained.
"It's also important to remember that the contestants could not get these rooms done without having good tradies who are prepared to stay long hours to get a couple over the line."
"It's a big thing to get the right team behind you and keep in mind there is little or no reward for these tradies."
The Block airs Monday to Wednesday, 7:30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, on Nine Network.

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