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The Bachelorette 2020: Get to know Elly Miles, the bubbly nurse Australia already fell in love with

Fans demanded she be the next Bachelorette and now, they got their wish.

By Maddison Hockey
When Elly Miles walked into The Bachelor last year hoping to find love with Matt Agnew, she instantly stole Australia's hearts, despite failing to win the Bachelor's.
The bubbly blonde nurse was a breath of fresh air from many of the attention-grabbing, social media influencer types fans are all too used to.
After leaving the show, fans called for Elly to return as the next Bachelorette and today Channel 10 answered their calls announcing not only Elly but also her sister Becky as this year's leading ladies.
Say hello to your next Bachelorettes! (Channel 10)
Hailing from Newcastle, New South Wales, Elly immediately captured astrophysicist Matt's attention, with the duo sharing sugary sweet moment at the first cocktail party where they toasted marshmallows by an open fire.
And, when Elly explained she was originally from the small country town of Parkes in New South Wales, Matt's interest was secured.
The country town is known for the 64m high radio telescope housed inside Parkes Observatory, made famous by the 2000 Aussie film The Dish, starring Sam Neil.
"I'm an astrophysicist, basically looking to find another planet like earth and that was the immediate thing that popped in my head," Matt said adding, "I was like fantastic! I could hang out at The Dish, I could make it work."
The kind-hearted beauty instantly won over Bachie Matt. (Channel 10)
Before embarking on her Bachelor 2019 adventure Elly described herself as "enthusiastic, adventurous, happy, outgoing and loyal" and wants a man who is family orientated, humble and wants to travel the world while ticking off their bucket-lists together.
Elly applied for The Bachelor to "take a bit of a chance".
When asked about her ideal partner, we just adored her response!
"My ideal partner is someone kind, funny, selfless, loyal and intelligent," she said.
"Someone I can learn from and who learns from me. Supporting each other through both the difficult and happy times.
"Someone who shares the same love for life as me and who is willing to take chances.
"Someone to travel the world and tick off my bucket-list with.
"Someone who my family loves and I love his. Someone who, if they have a dog, that their dog and my dog get along really well.
"Someone generous, family orientated and humble."
Will Elly find the man to make her smile? (Instagram)
Elly made it to Matt's top five ladies before being sent home in a shocking rose ceremony no one saw coming.
With Matt describing the decision as one of "the hardest" he had to make, Elly was left "confused" but nonetheless handled it with grace.
Elly made headlines not long before her departure over a feud with fellow contestant, Abbie Chatfield.
WATCH: Elly tells Matt that Abbie's not emotionally mature enough for him. Story continues below...
After telling Matt she believed Abbie was on the show for the wrong reasons – to boost her social media profile – the women were at odds.
"At the time I thought I was doing the right thing, and I was being protective over Matt because he's a great guy and I had really strong feelings for him," Elly told TV WEEK after her exit.
"But, in saying that, watching it back you can see that Abbie and Matt do have a really strong connection."
Luckily, the ladies have mended fences since with Elly going on to say: "Abbie and I are all good, we spoke before the show aired and we've been speaking throughout.
It's just such a different world and it's an experience that doesn't exactly bring out the best in all of us."
Since her departure Elly, whose Instagram bio reads "Nurse, Adventurer", has been jumping out of planes, going on adventures with her adorable dog and working with fitness company, Air Lock Training. We can't wait to see what she gets up to with her bachelors.
Here's hoping Elly's season of The Bachelorette brings A LOT less drama for her, too!

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