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Umm do The Bachelorette's Jamie Doran and Gogglebox' Symon Lovett know each other?

This is so random!

By Anita Lyons
In the most random news of the day, The Bachelorette's Jamie Doran and Gogglebox' star Symon Lovett seem to know each other.
In a picture that has surfaced on the net, the pair are seen smiling for the camera with another friend.
According to The Daily Mail, who first discovered the photograph, the pair were travelling in Europe in 2017 when the happy snap took place.
While it appears that they are friendly enough, looking back on the episode of Gogglebox where Symon and his mate Adam Densten are watching Jamie arrive on the red carpet, Symon never says anything about knowing him.
"You might as well not even be there!" Symon said of his "mate" who brought a puppy to meet Angie Kent.
Rumour has it that the pair literally met "that one time", but it's still random all the same!
Symon Lovett and Jamie Doran in 2017. (Source: Facebook)
Usually, if any of the Goggleboxers know a cast member on a show they're watching, they're quick to yell straight at the TV and announce it, as was the case a few months ago when the boys were watching The Block.
"That's my brother," Adam excitedly told Symon,referring to "All Star" contestant Josh Densten.
In an exclusive chat with Now to Love at the time, Adam revealed what it's like to have the TV plumber for a brother.
"I used to be a devotee when he was on the first season in Richmond," Adam revealed.
"And my 21st birthday was the day of The Block open houses - which was such an exciting way to spend my 21st birthday. But he's been on two seasons of The Block and Reno Rumble, so watching him on there is pretty normal."
But when it comes to the other way round, Adam didn't think that his brother watches the show that made him famous, judging by an underwhelming interaction he had with his sibling recently.
"I texted him the other night to say that I watched it [The Block] and that it will be on TV, and he just wrote back, 'yeah, cool'." LOL!
WATCH NEXT: Adam watches his brother on The Block. Story continues...
Of course, watching this season of The Bachelorette has been extra special for the pair - and the entire Gogglebox cast, since Angie was on the show.
In fact, during the very first episode of the show, Angie says how weird it was being on the show, after having watched it for all these years from the couch.
Angie appeared on Gogglebox for three years, before leaving to join the cast of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! in January.

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