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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelorette's James Trethewie on his "beautiful" new girlfriend

The reality star has met someone very special – and he’s smitten!

By Bella Brennan
Just a day after Sophie Monk announced her split from Stu Laundy, her former flame James Trethewie shared some big news of his own.
Taking to Instagram the finance worker posted a sunshine-filled album of snaps with his new girlfriend Alice Summers, 30.
Their beaming smiles are a million miles away from the heartbroken Jimmy the nation rallied behind last October when Sophie Monk sent him packing in one of the most surprising twists of The Bachelorette.
"Alice is such a caring and beautiful person inside and out, she's so lovely and we're both really happy together," 32-year-old James tells Now to Love.
After failing to find love on national TV, the northern beaches local ended up meeting Alice right on his doorstep – quite literally!
Speaking about their "random and unexpected meeting", James reveals he first saw Alice at work in the change room area.
"I was back at work and ironing my shirts in the morning with my headphones in and noticed her walk past really quickly. I did a double take and didn't get a proper look but was wondering who the mystery girl was I'd never seen before," he explains.
For six weeks, the pair would make eyes at each other in his Sydney CBD office and then finally, fate dealt James the hand he needed.
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"Alice saw me at Manly Beach, she came up and told me she'd seen me ironing my shirts - I was like 'ohh so you're the mystery girl.' We started chatting and really hit it off," he says.
"She was actually consulting to the business I was working for at the time. It was a normal way of meeting and so nice it wasn't related to me being on the show."
"They say things happen and you meet that special someone when you're least expecting it and that's definitely been the case here!"
Sophie Monk, who? James has fallen for business consultant Alice Summers.

Taking a subtle dig at Sophie Monk, James says Alice appreciates his geeky streak.
"Given Alice works as a business consultant, I've finally found someone more accustomed to a pie chart or spreadsheet than I am. It's cool we can both share that part of being a little bit nerdy together," he laughs.
As for Sophie and Stu's shock split just six months into their relationship, James has nothing but love for the pair.
"I'm really sorry it didn't work out for them, they're both awesome people and really genuine."
"I thought it was fine but I guess sometimes things don't work out. I wish them both all the best in finding happiness and love," he tells us.
Ahh Jimmy! Once a class act, always a class act.
Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy have called it quits after just six months.