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"The boys were really gutted": The Bachelorette boys apparently hoped for another leading gal in the mansion

This year’s blonde duo didn’t do it for the guys, who were hoping for a little more star power

By Woman's Day team
Channel Ten were hoping to shock when they announced there would be not one, but two Bachelorettes this year.
And while fans of the reality romance were instantly intrigued by the prospect of sisters Elly and Becky Miles looking for love on the same show, it seems inside the mansion, the news didn't go down so well.
Talking to Woman's Day, a source reveals that this years' crop of eligible bachelors were sorely disappointed after meeting the stunning Newcastle sisters on the first night of filming – having previously been convinced it would be a celebrity greeting them at the end of the red carpet.
"The boys were really gutted," our source reveals of the moment they met Elly and Becky. "They really thought they had a celebrity and were somewhat underwhelmed with their choices."
"They really thought they had a celebrity and were somewhat underwhelmed with their choices." (Image: Instagram)
Our source adds that the guys had, who were waiting to go inside the mansion, had seen the long list of celeb names that had been rumoured to be joining the hit reality show through the media, and that their hopes had only been heightend by the growing speculation.
One cast member in particular was unable to contain his excitement about rumours Dancing With The Stars' Sharna Burgess could be this year's leading lady and was telling everyone that listened that he'd be vying for the popular judge's attention.
Red hot! The boys were lead to believe they were competing for the DWTS judge. (Image: Ten)
"He was telling practically anyone he met that he couldn't believe he was about to go on dates with Sharna," our insider dishes.
"He was saying that he'd had a crush on Sharna for years and was giddy at the thought of finally being able to take her out." "I know a lot of the guys wanted Sharna and I think a lot of them probably would have pulled out had they known it was going to be Elly and Becky."
"They're lovely girls but just lack that vivacious and sexy spirit that the guys were looking for."
One Bachelor had quite the crush on Sharna. (Credit: Ten)
Sharna, 35, was rumoured to be The Bachelorette right up until the sisters' announcement in July –with many believing the American-born dancer chose to jet back to the US at the last minute to be a part of the US version of DWTS over the Australian dating show.
And while some of the boys were let down by Sharna's no show, it seems some were still willing to give love a good crack, with appears Elly and Becky recently revealing they've both found love on the show. "We're both happy with our fellas," Becky has teased.
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