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EXCLUSIVE: Bachelorette's Becky and Elly tell all about their past relationships - and what they're looking for now

Despite looking for similar qualities in a guy, the sisters will put each other first.

By Woman's Day team
In a big year of change it only seems fitting that The Bachelorette is turning everything on its head too, with not one but two single ladies hoping to find the man of their dreams.
Speaking to Woman's Day, the incoming hopefuls, sisters and best friends Elly, 25, and Becky Miles, 30, tell all ahead of the new season.
Very few women can say they've been The Bachelorette! Have you made contact with any of the former stars to ask their advice?
Elly: Angie [Kent] reached out 
to us, actually! She was lending some support. When you're in 
this position, I don't think anybody realises how tough it is, so it's nice to have that.
Becky: She wanted to let us know she was there, and wanted to check in and see how we were. It's a very full-on experience, it was very lovely of her, we really love her!
Having two Bachelorettes is unprecedented for the show! 
How did the concept of sister Bachelorettes come about?
Elly: We were approached together. I think when they were scouting around for the role they came across my Instagram and saw some of our travel videos. 
I did a surprise 30th birthday skydiving experience for Becky and they loved our dynamic.
Becky: They came up with the idea themselves. I think they were just looking for something a little different. We were told we were the only pairing they were considering, the only duo 
that was in the running for the show.
" On paper, I think we're looking for a similar guy!" says Becky. (Image: Ten)
You're very similar in personality – 
do you have the same taste in men?
Elly: We definitely both want someone trustworthy and someone who isn't taking life too seriously – someone who could be a good husband and father. But our track record has always been very different.
We've never been attracted to the same guy. In fact, whenever Becky has brought someone home I've instantly just thought they're like a brother. It's the same as your mate, you'd never go after a guy your mate was interested in or had been with... it's your morals
Becky: On paper, I think we're looking for a similar guy. We're both looking 
for someone who is a good person.
The qualities we want are the same, but traditionally we've always gone for different guys. Elly prefers a blue collar guy, a country lad, whereas I'm usually going for someone book smart and professional.
We'd never tread on 
each other's toes – there's too much 
love between us. I'd never even consider that. My sister is too special!
What can you tell us about your previous partners and relationships?
Elly: I've been in love once before – he was my high school sweetheart. We were together for five years from when I was roughly 15 to about 21. We were best mates, I think we thought we'd end up together but we just grew apart and became friends.
We were on the same page – we needed to go live our lives. He's a lovely bloke – my dad is still in contact with him and still loves him, but we're just friends. It's been a long time since we've been together.
Becky: I wasn't in a relationship when I signed on to this, I can tell you that!
I was casually dating someone before the show, which was for a short amount of time. He was a great guy, we have great respect for each other.
When I told him about this opportunity I tried to be as honest as possible and we left on a good note. I was in a relationship last year – I fell in love with this guy two months before I was leaving for a holiday. He flew over and came to see us at the end of our travels and we spent about a month together. 

But when we came home, a month or 
two afterwards I found out through friends he was mucking around on me.
Elly and Becky have both had their share of relationship experiences. (Instagram)

Get to know the girls…

I'm currently binge-watching…
Elly: Love On The Spectrum, on Netflix – it's so amazing! There was a day in the mansion we binge-watched it for 
10 hours! We didn't move off the lounge.
Becky: It's out latest obsession, it's 
so funny and heart-warming.
My teen crush was…
Elly: Sharkboy! From the Sharkboy and Lavagirl movie. He was played by Taylor Lautner – so hot!
Becky: Mine was definitely Taylor from Hanson – I loved him and the band.
A meal I never get tired of…
Becky: Has to be Mexican, I'm always going out for nachos and tacos.
Elly: Anything but Mexican! I can't stand coriander. Never give me coriander! I would say seafood 
– I absolutely love fresh seafood.
Favourite former Bachelor…
Elly: Matty J was great to watch, and Tim Robards because he was the original!
Becky: I loved Sam – his and Snezana's story and chemistry was incredible.
My drink of choice is…
Elly: Definitely espresso martini.
Becky: Fireball! It's a cinnamon whisky, and Elly and I drank a few on the show. We had to keep warm so we got into the Fireball. We had some on the weekend and it brought back memories!
If you could, would you go on The Masked Singer or Survivor?
Elly: Survivor because I'd want to experience that sort of adventure! Though I'm not very good at strategy.
Becky: I'd say the same, I can't sing to save myself, but Elly can sing - she should totally do The Masked Singer.
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