The Bachelorette Australia

Sister act! Here's when The Bachelorette Australia 2020 makes its grand premiere

Get your screening party cheese platters ready!

By Bella Brennan
As we prepare to farewell another dramatic season of The Bachelor, many Bachie fans are wondering when we'll be able to get our Bachelorette fix.
Well, Channel 10 have finally announced the premiere date - and it's right around the corner.
Mark your calendars as The Bachelorette will return on Wednesday October 7 at 7:30pm.
Meanwhile on-set sources confirm to Now To Love filming of the Bachelorette is officially done and dusted.
In July, fans were left reeling when the Bachelorette announcement finally came, with a twist that left us, and many others scratching their heads.
Of course, the fact that Elly Miles, the charismatic blonde from Matt Agnew's season of The Bachelor, was this year's leading lady didn't come as a huge shock.
Will two Bachelorettes be better than one? (Image: Channel 10)
But what did come as a shock was when a second Elly lookalike was also announced as the 2020 Bachelorette.
Yep - we had a double whammy in the form of two sisters, Elly and her older sister Becky.
You can imagine our intrigue as to how on earth this was going to play out with two love-seekers helming the show.
This week, in the show's first sneak peek, we were finally given a glimpse of the logistics.
"This year... things are a little different!" Network Ten captioned the new video.
"Get ready for double the romance and double the fun with sisters, Elly and Becky."
"Crikey, this is actually happening! So bloody lucky to have my best friend right there along with me," Elly said this week. (Image: Channel 10)
In the clip, we're met with a series of men who've just arrived at the mansion in various states of shock at meeting two ladies.
"Why are there two?!" One exclaims.
Another says, "Two girls... one guy each. Oh okay phew."
Opening up about sharing her quest for love with her sister by her side, Elly says she can't wait.
"Crikey, this is actually happening! So bloody lucky to have my best friend right there along with me 👯@bacheloretteau is coming soon to," the blonde beauty confessed via Instagram this week.

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