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The Bachelorette: Did Angie only send the front-runners to meet her dad?

This is very convincing...

By Anita Lyons
We sure do love a Bachelorette conspiracy theory, and this one may be the most compelling to date.
In fact, once you see it, it feels pretty darn obvious!
During Thursday's episode, Angie introduces the gents to her parents, Markos and Jane - because as she says, she needs to make a decision "quick sticks".
Once the introductions have been made, Angie then separates the final nine into two groups.
Jamie Doran, Haydn Trick, Alex McKay, Glenn Smith and Ryan Anderson all head off with Angie and her mum, while Ciarran Stott, Timm Hanly, Carlin Sterritt, Matt Whyatt and Jackson Garlick are sent off with her dad.
And this is where we think we're on to something.
With the exception of front-runner Ryan, every single guy that was sent to meet Markos, is by far a major contender.
Angie's dad Mark meets Ciarran, Carlin, Timm, Jackson and Matt - are they front-runners? (Source: Network Ten)
In fact, during their meet-up, Angie's dad has to play "truth or pass" with the lads, obviously sussing out their intentions for his daughter.
Firstly, he asks Timm if he can see a future with Angie, which of course he says "yes"!
Then, our King Ciarran is quizzed if he has ever been "naked in public" - and as this is a game of truth, he says "yes", explaining the life drawing class.
Well this didn't go as planned! (Source: Network Ten)
Then, Carlin was asked "who Angie should steer clear of", before he and all the others, throw Jamie under the bus.
Markos keeps putting the hard-word on, as the guys continue to throw the other men under - including Ryan as being the most untrustworthy.
And while this all seems to be about the other bachelor's - it's clear that Angie's dad has another motive - giving Angie his honest opinion about the men he's just met.
"They all seem like really good, genuine guys," Markos tells his daughter. "If we're looking at the Angie settling down and want to have kids type, I'd go for Carlin. He seems like the right sort of guy.
"But if you want to have fun and not have kids until you're forty then I'll probably say Ciarran is probably the one."
SEE! Two front-runners!
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Don't get us wrong, Jane did have some fab opinions about the men, but it does seems as though Mark is the one who may help sway in the actual decision process - almost a little "good cop, bad cop", if you will!
In any case, it was lovely to meet Angie's parents, but it was even better to see the men quivering in their Politix jackets!

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