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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelorette’s Aggi spills on Elly’s mysterious past with front-runner Joe

''He’s got a little piece of her heart.''

By Maddison Hockey
Last night's episode of The Bachelorette saw the guys – and sisters, Elly and Becky Miles – face some tough questioning.
With the eligible bachelors anonymously submitting their burning questions, some hard truths were shared in an emotionally charged conversation.
Teamed with the game Never Have I Ever, which, let's face it, never really does end well, and emotions were at an all-time high.
While Becky's confession to cheating on a past boyfriend saw a somewhat stunned reaction from the group it was Frazer's question looking for answers about Elly's connection with Joe that really stirred the pot.
Elly's non-descript answer referencing a weekend away left some unsatisfied, and once again, Joe proved the ultimate gentleman refusing to dish the details.
While we didn't get the answers we were seeking, we did have the chance to ask last night's evictee, Agostini, aka 'Aggi' all about it.
Sadly, Aggi was sent packing. (Channel Ten)
Aggi, we're sad to see you go! How are you feeling?
A little bit heartbroken but that's okay. That's the nature of the beast.
What was it like coming into the show for the first time, not to mention seeing TWO Bachelorettes standing there?
In all honesty, I had no expectations because I just really didn't know enough about what was about to unfold. I just took the opportunity and grabbed the bull by the horns. So, when I walked down
the red carpet and saw two beautiful women, they're standing in front of me. I wasn't too sure what, which way to look or know what was going on.
I quickly learnt that they were sisters and awesome, awesome sisters. They're funny. They're good girls, good country girls.
What was it like behind the scenes in the mansion?
Everybody got along really well. That was one of the best things about this whole experience. The friends that I have made are going to be everlasting, life-long friend, the girls inclusive.

Is everyone exactly how they come across on screen?
Absolutely. I'd say what you see is what you get, that their personalities are all there, they're all real. No one's a villain, no one's a softy, everyone's got emotions, it is an emotional rollercoaster. You go in there not knowing what to expect, you're forming these amazing connections with the blokes and then you're trying to find a love your life as well.
Who do you think is the frontrunner to win Elly and Becky's hearts?
My pick for Becky's heart would be Sam, I definitely think they have a good connection. I think for Elly it would be Joey, there's a real connection there. They have history prior to the show and he's got a little piece of her heart.
Joe's faced a lot of questioning from his fellow bachelors. (Channel Ten)
That connection has been quite the talking point in the mansion, was it hard for a lot of the guys to overcome that?
Given any other situation, you probably would struggle, but we've had such a supportive group and we're so close that we're able to talk openly and honest with each other.
Joe certainly handled himself like a gentleman after a lot of pressure…
He definitely handled it. He's such a gentlemen, very respectful. The boy were hounding him for the information from day dot but he just said 'Look, when Elly wants to say what happened, I'll talk about it then.'
What about you, are you open to finding love after the show?
I definitely am. That was the whole point of going on The Bachelorette, to find my forever person and a partner.