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The Bachelorette is in for a huge shakeup tonight! Meet the intruders stirring updrama

How will the original contestants react?

By Tina Burke
The Bachelorette Australia is about to get a massive shakeup and it looks like none of the men and women vying for Brooke Blurton's heart are safe.
Just a few episodes into the 2021 season, a fresh batch of contestants will be crashing the cocktail party on Thursday night and causing a major stir.
Four intruders will be joining the show, sure shock the 'original' contestants who couldn't possibly see it coming (even though it happens every year).
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Of all the contestants, it appears Konrad is set to be the most concerned, after having just spent some romantic one-on-one time with Brooke.
"This guy could be a threat," he says in the teaser, as one of the new stars arrives and receives a welcome hug from Brooke.
To rub a little salt into the wound, four contestants will also be sent home at the end of the cocktail party.
Will it be four OGs or some of the new intruders who get the cut?
We'll find out the answer this evening, but, in the meantime we can get to know the new contestants.

Will, 31

Will is heading into the mansion looking for a spark with Brooke. (Ten)
Look out Darvid, there's another landscaper joining the party. Will is heading into the mansion looking for a spark with Brooke.
"I like to think that I am a kind, supportive and understanding partner," he says of what he brings to a relationship.
"I think if I can offer that with some excitement and fun, it would be a great relationship."

Millie, 22

Millie is one of the youngest contestants to enter the bachie mansion. (Ten)
One of the youngest contestants to enter the bachie mansion, Millie says her age won't stop her from being a fierce competitor in the race for Brooke's heart.
"I know what I want and I'm pretty settled in my professional life," she says.
"It's been hard to find people my age or of my generation who want something serious."

Luca, 25

Luca has a bubbly personality to match Brooke's. (Ten)
With a bubbly personality to match Brooke, Luca is sure to make an impact when he arrives in the mansion.
"We both work with children, love sport (especially AFL), are both into travelling and enjoying what life has to offer," Luca says.
"I applied for the show to find love. I felt as if 2021 was going to be a special year for me and I manifested something special was going to happen."

Jess, 28

Jess is a passionate advocate for LGBTQ+ visibility and representation. (Ten)
A passionate advocate for LGBTQ+ visibility and representation, Jess applied to the historic season hoping to "find love with the first-ever queer Bachelorette, Brooke."
Here's hoping that Brooke is organising a karaoke date real soon, since one of Jess' main gripes is "someone who doesn't appreciate a good female power ballad."
The Bachelorette Australia airs Wednesday and Thursday, 7:30pm, on 10.
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