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The Bachelorette's Rob Colangelo is off the market and you will definitely recognise his new lady

Looks like the cat's out of the bag...

By Anita Lyons
It seems Bachelorette star Rob Colangelo isn't too heartbroken over Ali Oetjen, as the 30-year-old plumber is now seeing a former Bachelor girl.
Yup! Following in Charlie Newling's footsteps, Rob has started seeing one of the Honey Badger's "former flames".
The lucky lady is Emily Dibden, the dancer from Canberra who famously put Nick Cummins in a leotard!
Rob Colangelo and Emily Dibden have started dating! *(Source: Instagram)
When asked about his romance with the tall beauty, Rob told Now to Love: "Well it looks like the cat's out of the bag with our date!" so we're taking that as a big, fat CONFIRMED.
Another Bachie insider also revealed that the newest Bachie-verse pairing have only just started dating, so it's "early days", for the couple but we think they look super suited!
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Rob and Emily were both spotted at a Maxim event in Sydney last night, and weren't very secretive with both posting pics to their Insta stories.
Another of Rob's former flames, Married at First Sight's Carly Bowyer, was also in attendance and everyone seemed pretty happy together.
Emily posted this cute snap on her Insta story. (Source: Instagram)
Carly Bowyer and Rob took the "reality TV crossover" pic of our dreams! (Source: Instagram)
In an exclusive chat with NW, Rob spoke about his relationship with Carly.
"She was my most serious relationship to date – we lived together, we were together for the longest I've dated someone."
"Unfortunately, it's been three years since we broke up. It was just one of those things," he revealed.
"I don't think it was from a lack of trying, but unfortunately we just couldn't seem to make it work. After a bit of time passed, we rekindled and became friends again."
Rob says he and Carly, 32, are regularly in touch and he still sees her family "quite a bit".
"She has a lot of awesome friends and a nice family and her brother is really nice. It's kinda hard to say goodbye to the family and friends sometimes... "

One thing is for sure, we are totally here for all these Bachie-verse and realty TV hookups!