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"It's hard to say I'm heartbroken": Bachelorette runner up Jamie-Lee Dayz breaks her silence after a devastating dumping

Tears were shed as Brooke said goodbye in the finale.

By Maddison Leach
Fans of The Bachelorette were left teary-eyed as they watched Brooke Blurton dump frontrunner Jamie-Lee Dayz in an emotional finale tonight.
Though the two women seemed destined for each other after first meeting on the 2018 season of The Bachelor, Brooke confessed that their love story didn't have a future outside of the show.
"My heart is with someone else," Brooke told a heartbroken Jamie-Lee through tears.
Sadly it just wasn't meant to be for Jamie-Lee and Brooke. (Ten)
Weeping herself, Jamie-Lee replied: "I really am happy for you. I feel lucky to have had this chance with you."
Later, as the car drove away, the 30-year-old told the camera: "It's not how I saw things going... I'm sad it ended this way but it just wasn't meant to be."
Now, weeks after filming wrapped, Jamie-Lee has broken her silence on the moment Brooke chose someone else - Darvid Garayeli.
But there were no harsh words or feelings of resentment in the emotional message Jamie-Lee penned on Instagram.
"It's hard to say I'm heartbroken, because my heart is so full of love," she began.
"This may not have been how I envisioned things turn out and I may not have found my person, but I've enjoyed every moment of this wild ride."
"I believe to my core that things turned out exactly how they should," Jamie-Lee continued.
"Losing the girl I loved to an incredible guy like @darvgarayeli made things a tiny bit easier. Wishing the happy couple all the love in the world 🤍"

Fans of the show flocked to Twitter to voice their heartache and disappointment after seeing Jamie-Lee's hopes crushed, but it sounds like she's moving forward after the breakup.
They also commended the 30-year-old for how well she handled the dumping, both on the show and on social media after it aired.
"Jamie-Lee was quite possibly, the classiest exit of a runner up in the history of the show," one person tweeted.
But for Jamie-Lee it was a no-brainer to be supportive and respectful of Brooke's new relationship with Darvid.
Brooke chose Darvid as her winner. (Ten)
"I really care for Brooke and I want her to find love, and I can't be mad or upset that it's not with me," she told 10Play.
"Brooke needs to follow her heart and she did that. How can I be upset or angry it wasn't me?
"I'm happy for her, genuinely, from the bottom of my heart. That's all I want for her."

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