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The Bachelorette’s Charlie Newling is almost unrecognisable from four years ago

He’s gained 20kg, some impressive biceps - and a reality TV reputation.

By Fiona Baker
Charlie Newling, one of this year's more controversial Bachelorette Australia contestants, has grown a whole lot more than a social media following in the past four years, judging by his latest post on Instagram.
The 31-year-old bachelor proudly showed off his impressive bicep bulk-up in a post that showed a photo of him in 2014 alongside one of him today. And, phwoar!
The only thing that looks like Charlie in the "before" photo is the beard. His chest, pecs, biceps and even expression is like that of a totally different person. Agree?
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He captioned his post like this: "The difference…. 7 meals a day now (high protein, carb and fat) compared to 3 meals a day back them of anything (mostly lacking in nutrients) and the belief that a protein shake would make me gain size. I don't even use protein as a supplement these days. "WHAT!" You say???
He continues: "… the key is nutrition (raw nutrition with food) and understanding what nutrition your own body needs to achieve your desired result."

Charlie's Instagram account is certainly devoted to (his) body beautiful - and features no pictures from before his miraculous body transformation, and very few in which his shoulders are covered by clothing.
And why should he cover up? He's obviously put some big time - a lot of it cooking those seven meals a day - to get to look like he does today.
Showing off his body at a TV Week shoot.
Getting some rays. (Source: Instagram)
Wait, Charlie, is that a protein shake? (Source: Instagram)
Charlie is riding the reality TV wave since his dramatic exit from The Bachelorette this season.
He was a front runner from the start but Ali Oetjen asked him to leave the mansion when he said he wouldn't be able to say he was in love until they were an exclusive couple. Ali felt that he was putting this ultimatum to her as a "test" and asked him to leave at the cocktail party, before the rose ceremony.
But along with a higher profile public persona, the Sydney builder also credits his reality fame with leading him into the arms of another 2018 reality star, Dasha Gaivoronski, who appeared on Nick Cummins' season of The Bachelor earlier this year.
"At least one good thing has come out of The Bachelor this year!" he joked to TV Week when confirming his and Dasha's relationship in October, adding that he's happy he went on the show because "it's led me to someone on the outside that I never would have met otherwise!"
Dasha Gaivoronski and Charlie credit their appearances on reality TV to leading their relationship/
While we don't know for sure if these two are still a couple, it appears another good thing has happened thanks to his appearance on The Bachelorette. The Daily Mail suggests that he may also have signed with Neon Model Management, who represent many social media influencers and celebrities.
Do we also sense that a book/diet plan/nutritional endorsement/fitness program is also not far away from being announced?

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