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There's one major difference between Becky & Elly's partner deal-breakers on The Bachelorette

Becky has her sights set on something specific.

By Jess Pullar
The Bachelorette's Elly and Becky Miles look like sisters, speak like sisters and act like sisters - and rightly so given they are sisters.
But while these two might seem like they're truly two peas in a pod, they do have some striking differences which are slowly coming to light as their quest to find love on the reality show continues.
When it was announced that the pair would become joint Bachelorette's, it would be safe to say Australia was intrigued.
How would the traditional format of the show be tweaked to cater for two suitors in a sea of suitees? Surely Becky and Elly would have some crossover in the men they wanted to pursue.
Well, the curiosity can be quelled somewhat when one really thinks about it - because despite being incredibly similar, there's one big difference between the two that proves they're actually looking for very different things in their eventual winner.
And yes, you guessed it - we're talking about their age.
Elly and Becky have different outlooks when it comes to the men they're pursuing. (Network 10)

How old is Becky Miles?

Becky Miles is 30 years old and officially ready to settle down.
The New South Wales country gal has certainly had her share of dating experiences, but it's become quite clear that she's ready to find The One and live out her comfortable happily ever after.
Elly, meanwhile, is 25 years old, and therefore could still be living out her risque youthful years - dating all kinds of characters.
Becky is entering her 30s, while Elly is in her mid-twenties. (Network Ten)
Of course, let it be known that age is no indication of where one is at in life, but it seems quite clear that older sister Becky is looking for a specific type of partner, and it's one who'll be ready to settle down right away.
As for Elly, the youthful reality star is finding her feet like many 25-year-olds before her, so we could hardly blame her if she's not thinking so much about settling down and more about finding a like-minded bloke to sweep her off her feet for the foreseeable.
It'll be intriguing to see how this plays out... (Network Ten)
The sisters have been vocal about their intentions on the show.
Speaking to Woman's Day in September, Elly said she and Becky have never been attracted to the same guy, so there was no fear of crossover.
"We've never been attracted to the same guy. In fact, whenever Becky has brought someone home I've instantly just thought they're like a brother. It's the same as your mate, you'd never go after a guy your mate was interested in or had been with... it's your morals," she said.
Becky added: "The qualities we want are the same, but traditionally we've always gone for different guys. Elly prefers a blue collar guy, a country lad, whereas I'm usually going for someone book smart and professional."
Seems fair enough - guess we'll just have to wait and see how it all plays out, and hope they both get their happily ever afters, no matter what age they are.
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