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You're welcome! The final seven Bachelorette boys get wet and wild as the competition heats up

It's down to the final seven and let's just say Angie's got a very difficult decision ahead of her...

By OK! team
From the outset, this year's Bachelorette Angie Kent has made it clear she's not here to play when it comes to finding love.
"I'm looking for a nerdy dork," she's admitted, adding that "laughs" are also very high up on her list.
With the contenders now whittled down to seven, OK!'s exclusive shoot proves that Angie's been left with some very easy-on-the-eye prospects!
"Looks are important, of course," she tells. "But they don't last forever, so a guy needs to be able to make me laugh – and love dogs!"
There are definitely frontrunners. The boys themselves say Carlin and Ryan are hot favourites, but they also spill to OK! why they could be The One for the 29-year-old TV star.
"It's been so fun, but now it's getting serious," Angie explains.
So who will be the lucky guy? Let's take a closer look at our contenders!
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Carlin is a hot contender. (OK!)
After receiving Angie's first rose, the fitness trainer has always been the one to watch. 'She makes me feel giddy, our connection is so strong,' he gushes. Aww!
Alex reckon's Angie's The One. (OK!)
ALEX, 26
"Marriage is a big deal to me," says the landscaper. "I only want to do it once – and now I'm confident that Angie could be The One for me."
But does she feel the same way...?
Ryan's feelings are getting stronger. (OK!)
RYAN, 33
"My feelings for Angie have amplified," says the smitten island caretaker.
"I've got an advantage over the other guys, too, because we share a passion for rescue dogs."
Timm is dead serious when it comes to finding love. (OK!)
TIMM, 27
This fireproofer has brought the LOLs, but says he's serious about finding love with Angie.
"She's gorgeous and we share the same outlook on life," he says of their close bond.
Jackson is dead keen on having a family. (OK!)
"We've talked about how much having a family means to us," says sales manager Jackson.
"We share so many similarities."
Could Angie be sold on this contender?
Jamie's got the major hots for Angie. (OK!)
It's clear the firefighter has the hots for Angie, but will his love be extinguished before the final rose?
"I'm intense," he admits.
That may be a deal-breaker for Angie!
Matt's a funny guy, but will be steal Angie's heart? (OK!)
MATT, 27
Even though he's yet to score a single date, the BMX stunt rider says his ability to "make girls laugh" could still help him win Angie over.
She says she loves the funny guys…

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