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Fighting fit for Angie! The Bachelorette top six bare all

The boys work up a sweat as they compete for the final rose. Who will win?

By NW team
After the shock eliminations of both front-runner Ciarran Stott and, well, uh, Jamie Doran, we are finally down to the top six of The Bachelorette.
Yup, in only a few short weeks, we'll find out who will win Angie Kent's heart and win that coveted final rose.
Will it be "dog-man" Ryan Anderson or "pie-guy" Jackson Garlick? Could it be "BMX-dude" Matt or "sunflower-lover" Timm Hanly?
Or will it be "quiet-guy" Alex Mckay or "wifey" Carlin Sterritt?
One thing's for sure, these men are HOT and Angie has her pick!
In an NW exclusive, the top 6 strip down and bare all in a fight for love.
Ciaran and Alex are all smiles. (Source: Supplied)

Ryan - "Angie's confidence is so sexy!"

"I'm only interested in Angie!" (Source: Supplied)
Hi, Ryan! Tell us three things that you love about Angie. Go!
She's absolutely gorgeous, but her personality matches as well – so she's the whole package! Her confidence is sexy and I love her laugh too. She giggles and it just makes everyone around her smile – it's phenomenal!
What's special about your bond with her?
I was lucky because we share a major passion for the rescue dog scene. That absolutely gives me an advantage.
Too bad for the other guys, huh?
Yep! I'm only interested in Angie, and the best thing about going in as an intruder was that it put the spotlight on me and got me that first date. It's also been a double-edged sword too because I copped a bit of flak from the boys, but I don't care.
How do you usually like to work up a sweat?
I surf, I skate and I muck around with my dog Goose, but I don't really go to the gym. I'm just naturally fit!

Carlin - "She makes me feel giddy!"

"I find someone who's incredibly confident yet who's not afraid to be a goofball a real turn-on!" (Source: Supplied)
Tell us what you love most about Angie.
She's very strong-willed, but she can also just be so goofy. I love that! I love her eyes as well – they're totally captivating. When she looks at me, I feel like she really sees me.
What are your turn-ons?
It's probably not the norm, but I find someone who's incredibly confident yet who's not afraid to be a goofball a real turn-on! That's Angie to a tee. She actually makes me feel quite giddy.
Awww, cute! Will you propose if you make it to the final rose ceremony?
Considering my last relationship [a two-year marriage] ended, I'm not quite there yet – but I'm definitely ready to find love again...

Alex - "I’m certain she’s The One for me!"

"Neither Angie nor I have been in love before so we're experiencing this new love thing together." (Source: Supplied)
You are looking ripped! Have you been working out for Angie?
I'm into my CrossFit. I find someone who looks after themselves a turn-on, so I like to train hard too. It's only fair!
What do you think is hot about Angie?
She's very attractive and she looks after herself, but she likes a laugh too. She's a really great girl.
What's so special about your connection?
Neither Angie nor I have been in love before so we're experiencing this new love thing together.
Sounds serious?!
It could be!

Timm - "I win at making her laugh!"

"I reckon I could go all the way!" (Source: Supplied)
How would you describe your connection with Angie?
Woah, it's almost impossible to describe! It's too hard to put into words. If I had to choose one word to describe me and Angie I'd say... easy.
Interesting choice! Easy in what way?
Nothing's forced – the banter, the connection and the fun just come easily with us. I definitely win at making her laugh! I really appreciate that she took the time to get to know me. She didn't judge me because I have been judged a lot.
Who's judged you?
The other guys probably judged me because I was definitely a bit of a goose in the house. But I made a good first impression on Angie with the sunflowers and now I reckon I could go all the way.
What would you say is the hottest thing about Angie?
She's a gorgeous pocket rocket, isn't she? But she's down to earth too. I'll be a bloody lucky bloke if I get the final rose.

Jackson - "I love the fact that she's a go-er!"

"She's easygoing like me!" (Source: Supplied)
Can you dish on your connection with Angie?
Despite the disaster of me trying to give her a pie when we first met, Angie didn't judge me. She's easygoing like me. We've both talked about how much family means to us and how we're the eldest siblings of two younger brothers. We have a lot of similarities.
What do you love about her?
I love the fact that she's a go-er. She's an absolute trooper and I saw that during our less-than-perfect helicopter ride.
Describe your turn-ons?
Girls who are great to their family, great to their friends and great at driving. Physically I like someone who has a great running technique – that's a big turn-on for me.
OK! Could you see yourself proposing to Angie?
I don' t think I'd do it on TV because I'd be way too nervous and probably balls it up completely. But you never know!

Matt - "I like to get physical!"

"I reckon that I'm still in with a chance – just!" (Source: Supplied)
How do you like to work up a sweat?
I'm pretty into my fitness and I train in the gym most days or go for a run. I like to get physical. I don't like to grunt and lift weights. I'll do circuit training and I ride my BMX most days as well. Working out with a friend is good too!Do you like women who hit the gym?
Yeah, I like girls who are pretty active. I like girls who can work up a sweat in the gym. A full face of make-up is a turn-off for me. Give me a sweaty face any day!
Wow! Sounds like you know what you want in a woman. So what's special about your connection with Angie?
Well, it's a bit of a worry that I haven't had a single date yet unlike the other boys, so I've just tried to form that bond with her in the mansion and on group dates. But I'm still here for Top Six, so I reckon that I'm still in with a chance – just!

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