The Bachelorette Australia

Bachelor fans think they've worked out who gets the first rose at the final rose ceremony

Bachelorette super-fans are super-sleuths!

By Anita Lyons
Bachelorette super-fans are a rare breed of fanatic.
They're made up of incredible super-sleuths who have eagle eyes and ears to the ground and when it comes to finale week, are full of the best conspiracy theories we've heard.
If you're living and breathing all things Angie Kent (and who she ends up with), then The Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bach in Paradise Australia Fans 🌹 Facebook group is your go-to, because frankly, these people know EVERYTHING.
In a particular fan-theory, which seemed to have accidentally been confirmed by a very sleep-deprived Osher Gunsberg this morning, user Jeda Browne wrote:
"Spoiler..... definitely know one person in the top 2..... photo in comments...[sic]"
Then in the comments section, she posted a screenshot of Angie distraught from Wednesday's promo.
"That is Tim's jacket on the left! So she cries choosing between Carlin and Ryan [sic]!"
Upon close inspection, the jacket is indeed Timm's - the pocket square is a dead giveaway!
Spoiler alert incoming! (Source: Facebook)
I spy with my little eye, Timm's jacket! (Source: Network Ten/Facebook)
Other fans were conflicted over the jacket, with one user commenting: "Um thats when she has her meltdown so its Osh [sic]", while another said: "She could be crying when she says good bye to him though."
But another had a more compelling theory: "I think he goes over to comfort her before she makes her decision because she's upset."
Naww! Poor Angie!
So, if Timm makes it into the final two - who does the Sherlock Holmes of the Bachie world think will go with him?
"I think Ryan goes, leaving Carlin and Timm in the finale," one user wrote.
"The runner up is usually chosen first in the final three ceremony, meaning Timm in this scenario. So using this predictable pattern, Carlin wins! [sic]"
My goodness, amazing that they can keep up from years past!
WATCH NEXT: Osher accidentally reveals who is in the top two live on radio. Story continues...
This morning, Osher called in to KIISFM's Kyle and Jackie O and made a huge blunder live on-air.
The usually tight-lipped TV personality accidentally let slip a vital piece of information about Wednesday's episode, essentially spoiling who will make it to the final two.
Speaking about how Angie was handling the pressure, the 45-year-old told the co-hosts that her emotions were "100 per cent real".
"She had quite a tumultuous time before the very end of it, actually. Tonight, that's the the tears you see. You see she's torn, it's the classic choice.
"It's not like in some years where we had two kind of very similar people right at the very end. These are two very different... "
Before Osher could say anything else, he was promptly cut off by Network Ten publicity. Oops!
After reconnecting the call, Osher blamed sleep deprivation for the slip-up, revealing he didn't even know what day it was.