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The Bachelorette star Timm's shock collapse on set

Paramedics are called to the mansion.

This season of The Bachelorette is set to be full of surprises, but it seems nothing comes close to the shock Angie Kent gets when one of her favourite Bachelors suffers a terrifying health scare that leaves the former Gogglebox star shaken!
A Woman's Day insider reveals lovable larrikin Timm Hanly, 27, falls ill during an intense rose ceremony and makes the surprise decision to exit the mansion, which leaves Angie seriously stressed.
"All of a sudden, he just legs it out of there – he didn't even say anything – and everyone was so confused!" reports the insider.
"Angie kept asking the crew what was going on and they wouldn't say, so she started to think that he must be leaving the show – she was devastated."
Angie thought Tim had left the show. (Image: Network Ten)
According to the source, Angie, 29, repeatedly begged producers to speak to Timm, but it wasn't until the last minute they told her he was with paramedics and that's why she couldn't see him.
At one point there was talk of taking Timm to hospital, which, of course, only made Angie more concerned.
"She was anxiously waiting for him, not knowing what was going on, meanwhile the producers just kept pulling her aside to have chats," the source reveals.
"Timm later told the boys he felt like he was about to collapse and had to go outside to get some air. They take hours to shoot the rose ceremonies and there are lots of people crammed into the space, so it's really claustrophobic," says the insider, adding they're not surprised he passed out.
The fireproofer later said he felt he was about to collapse. (Image: Network Ten)
Not only was he the first guy to step out of the car in the Bachelorette premiere, but Timm also made a great first impression when he gifted Angie an enormous bunch of sunflowers- her favourite bloom.
"If I see a sunflower, to me that's a sign from my nanny that I'm in the right place. And you got me a whole bunch!" she exclaimed upon meeting him.
And to make matters even sweeter, Timm has a sunflower tattooed on his hand!
Watch their first meeting in the player below.

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