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The Bachelorette boys weigh in on Ryan and Timm breaking the bro code

“I came up with the whole 'pact' idea and Timm hijacked it... And then he goes and jumps in there with Angie.”

By Tina Burke and Anita Lyons
When it comes to The Bachelorette Australia, there's one topic in particular you can guarantee will come up time and time again: The Bro Code.
The ancient code, which is almost always thrown directly out the window two minutes after it's introduced, is typically brought up at the very first cocktail party.
Though it was discussed on night one, it wasn't until a few episodes later that an official pact was formed between the boys on Angie Kent's season.
Following the elimination of local Noosa politician Jess, Timm spoke to the boys about making a "pact" that would let Angie choose who she wants to spend one-on-one time with before the rose ceremonies.
Jamie was the first to break the pact, followed shortly by Timm himself. Then, it was intruder Ryan who ignored the sacred agreement.
"I have some pretty strong views on that," Adam, who was eliminated on Wednesday night, tells TV WEEK. "Because there were some guys that were really invested and wanted to have some time with Angie."
Adam, Tom and Scott were unimpressed by the pact being broken in their final episode.
Though it wasn't shown, Adam reveals he confronted both Timm and Ryan for seeking out one-on-one time with Angie, because they had just had single dates and received roses.
"I had a bit of a go at Timm the week before, when he did the same thing, and I had a chat with Ryan. It kind of seemed like they just wanted get more time and rub the other boys noses in it," Adam says.
"I came up with the whole pact idea and Timm hijacked it [laughs] and then he stuck in to Jamie about the pact, and then the next chance he gets he goes and jumps in there with Angie.
"I had a go at [Timm] and said we're all friends in here, and you've got to live with us, have some respect. But look, none of them are bad guys. It's a different world in there."
Tom, who was eliminated on Wednesday night, also pulled Ryan up for breaking the pact.
"Timm did it on the sly, I didn't even know he had that time, it was a shock to me when I watched it," Tom tells TV WEEK. "So he's being a bit sly in regard to that. But Ryan did it in front of us, so I wanted to talk to him because I actually saw it happen.
"He'd already had all this time with her, he didn't need to go talk to her, he was safe," Tom says. "And it just sort of pissed us all off, and I wanted to voice my opinion."
"He just didn't have a level of respect for the others either," adds Scott, the third evictee from Wednesday night's episode.
Ryan was confronted over his decision to "break the pact."
The boys admit they weren't close with Ryan in the Bachelorette Mansion, claiming the tension was due to his reserved nature.
"We never got real close with him. He never really gave us much. We'd ask him questions and they were always really open ended or curved. He just did a few things that pissed people off in the house as well," says Scott.
"I didn't mind Ryan, but there were just a few things that didn't seem to add up. He seemed to have multiple jobs, and he never really locked in to one," adds Adam, though he concedes Ryan was under a lot of pressure from the other contestants.
"It was a strange thing with Ryan, but he didn't really help himself out. Things didn't add up, but one-on-one he wasn't a bad guy."
"There's no need to hold a grudge or anything, but we're just not mates," says Tom.
Though they're a little unimpressed with Ryan, the boys do have a clear favourite in the dashing Carlin.
"We all know who the favourite is," Tom says of Carlin. "We all think and know and, you're always like 'he's a big threat.'"
"Carlin's obviously good, just look at the guy, I mean I want to date him," Adam jokes. "Jackson's a fantastic guy, and obviously Timm is just hilarious."
Adam believes a "mash up" of Carlin and Timm would be the perfect man for Angie, though he says there are "a lot of genuine guys in there."
Angie Kent with her Top 10 suitors.
The Bachelorette Australia airs Wednesday and Thursday, 7:30pm, on 10.

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