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The Bachelorette's Paddy's shock confession: "I closed down my brothel for Ali"

'I had so much to give up!'

By NW team
As if Charlie's epic confession that he has a secret child wasn't enough, The Bachelorette's Paddy Collier has spilled to NW that he's also hiding something!
Yep, the Irish lad from Melbourne has revealed he's not just a gym manager – in fact, he's got a whole other career he's put on hold for a chance at love on the show.
"I put my male escort business [on the line]… I had to stop stripping, the brothel that I run had to stop. I had so much to give up," he revealed. "That's what I said to Ali – 'I gave up the brothel [for this].'"
And while Paddy could have simply been having a laugh, a Magic Men profile for the 27-year-old has recently emerged, describing him as "a guy who knows how to get the party started, can turn on the charm and have you dreaming about him for week's afterwards"
You hear that, Ali?

Paddy has of course been making waves since episode one of the new Bachelorette series - causing fans to scratch their heads and wonder what's really going on.
In an exclusive chat with Now to Love, evictee Cheyne Neigh revealed the real person behind the suitor everyone is talking about.
"Personally, I was quite fond of Paddy," the construction auditor said.
"At the start I came in with bagpipes playing (watch the entrance above!)," Cheyne said.
"Paddy has Scottish and Irish heritage, he come up to me straight away and said 'mate that was a beautiful entrance.'
"He had to walk away from the group, because he was tearing up because his grandmother had died recently and they played that song [The Skye Boat Song] at her funeral."
"From that point on, we became close. That's why in the second episode he was quite defensive of me getting interrupted by Charlie," he revealed.

While Paddy's enthusiasm has died down somewhat, he's still very much a focal point of the show.
Who knows, maybe he's even a dark horse... after all, he gave up everything for love!
Watch Paddy confront Nathan at the Bachelorette cocktail party in the clip below.

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