The Bachelorette Australia

Sassy super-host Osher Günsberg has called out one Bachelorette contestant over some VERY suspicious behaviour

You tell 'em, Osh.

By Maddison Hockey
Bachelorette Australia fans were left scratching their heads with suspicion during last night's episode over a tiny detail that doesn't seem to add up.
Adrian Baena was forced to sit out of the group date, which saw the eligible bachelors run through a muddy obstacle to win a single date with Elly or Becky Miles, on account of being on "antibiotics".
But, after playing the role of referee and rigging the competition to win the date with older sister, Becky, a glaring detail was pointed out by fans – Adrian was drinking what appeared to be alcohol, something that shouldn't be mixed with antibiotics.
On their steamy single date Adrian and Becky sipped champagne, or at least that is what it looked like, in a hot tub, and fans were quick to question it.
What's in the cup? (Channel Ten)
"If I was invited on this date I would also conveniently be on antibiotics and unable to participate," one fan commented.
While another questioned why antibiotics would rule Adrian out of a challenge at all.
"Medically ruled out for antibiotics what?" A Twitter user asked.
But it was host Osher Günsberg who proved most suspicious of Adrian, calling out the 26-year-old kitesurfing instructor.
Taking to Twitter, Osher questioned the, well, questionable, move.
"Hang on. He's on Antibiotics, AND HE'S DRINKING? Hmmm. The plot thickens," he wrote.
Osher calls it how he sees it. (Channel Ten)
The Bachelorette host has become known for his sassy and real commentary, and we love to see it.
Adrian is yet to address the blatant and cheeky call out, but whatever his reasons, it appeared to have worked, with his single date clearly winning Becky over.

After calling Adrian out on his comments earlier in the season suggesting he was on the show to hang out with "the boys", Becky finally got the reassurance his motives were good.
"I think Adrian's starting to take this seriously," she began.
"He's opening up and he's talking future, and tonight, he's really surprised me. I've really enjoyed our time together."