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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelorette's Matt just confirmed that he tried to keep his relationship with MAFS' Jessika private

Matt tried to keep it from Network Ten producers.

By Anita Lyons
The Bachelorette's Matt Whyatt was unceremoniously kicked to the curb on Wednesday's episode after not receiving a rose by Angie.
And while he looked heartbroken at the time, Matt left the mansion and jumped straight in to the arms of Married at First Sight's most controversial bride, Jessika Power.
It's no secret that the pair had a romantic fling of some sort, and while it spoiled the show's ending for the BMX pro - from the outside, it looked like the pair weren't really too worried about openly showing their relationship.
In fact, the 28-year-old was regularly spotted on Jessika's Instagram and became the subject of some pretty cozy photos that circled the net.
In a chat with Now to Love after his elimination, Matt revealed that it was actually Jess who orchestrated the meet ups and claimed that he was a little "naive" to it all.
Matt and Jessika were DEFINITELY seeing each other! (Source: Instagram/Jessika Power)
"Honestly, I did [try to hide it] and she didn't," Matt revealed after being asked why he wasn't more subtle.
"She posted to her Instagram but I never posted to mine. We were out having drinks and I didn't realise that the stories were going up until the next day."
As for the released pics, the reality star alluded to the fact that they were all set-up by Jess.
"I didn't know how situations with the paparazzi worked," he said. "I got asked to do things and I did them. I think I was a bit naïve with it all."
While these shots were "fake", it seemed that their relationship was not, however, the pair have since called time on their fling.
"Me and Jess are great friends," Matt said. "I am currently single and I'm happy doing my own thing at the moment."
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Looking back at his time on the show, the Gold Coast local admitted that he was surprised to be sent home when he was - especially after a one-on-one date with Angie Kent which wasn't shown.
"We had a lot of things in common like travelling and our work," he revealed. "In my eyes it went well but watching back she had stronger connections with the boys that are still there."
And then, in a surprising admission, Matt revealed his shock at being sent home before Ryan Anderson.
"I never believed that his dates went as great as he said they did," Matt admitted.
"But when I've seen them looking back, I was surprised that they had that connection."
Matt was shocked to be sent home during Wednesday's rose ceremony. (Source: Network Ten)
While it's clear Ryan is a front-runner, Matt has placed his bets on another winner.
"I honestly believe that Timm will win," he admitted.
"I think she might catch the boys out on some other stuff, but Timm is pretty straight up and real and will tell you how it is. Anything Timm has ever done, he's spilled the beans on because he can't keep his mouth shut. Which is a good way to be... and the other boys? Maybe not so much."

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