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Jamie Doran deletes all traces of The Bachelorette from his Instagram

He faced fierce backlash after being labelled a “stage five clinger”.

By Erin Doyle
It's no secret this season's token "clingy" contestant from The Bachelorette, Jamie Doran, has been copping some heat for his "intense" pursuit of Angie Kent.
And it seems the firefighter is keen to put his time on the reality show behind him if his social media is anything to go by.
The 39-year-old has wiped all traces of his Bachelorette stint from his Instagram, deleting several photos of himself suited up for promo shots.
Instead, his Instagram feed now contains mostly just travel photos with the only hint of his time in the mansion being a promo for a podcast that promises to tell his "side of the story".
Jamie has also turned off comments for all of his remaining photos.
You won't see photos like this on Jamie's Instagram account anymore. Image: Network Ten
Following his elimination from The Bachelorette, Jamie has admitted it has been tough to deal with the backlash from the show's fans.
"I've been receiving death threats, I've had people asking for my address because they want to come around and punch me in the face, you know. That's difficult," he told Now To Love last week.
Jamie added that he has come to accept the way he was portrayed on-screen.
"Look, I'll own it. I was pretty intense," he said.
"I was in there, in a competitive environment, and my emotions were quite heightened. It is a pressure cooker in there and it probably brought out the worst in me.
"I've made my peace with the edit. You've got to understand that's two months of filming, and they're showing 45 minutes an episode."
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Jamie (left) was labelled a "stage five clinger" as he tried to win over Angie (right). Image: Network Ten
While Jamie has been dealing with negative reactions from the public, he has appreciated the support from fellow suitors who "have his back".
"They've been supportive. Especially Timm, Ryan, Adam, Alex and Jackson. They've been a good support network," Jamie said.
Meanwhile, Angie's search for love continues with Timm Hanly, Ryan Anderson, Carlin Sterrit, Alex McKay, Jackson Garlick and Matt Whyatt all still in the running for her heart.
Fan favourite Ciarran Stott walked out in the same episode Jamie was eliminated after being left devastated that his beloved grandmother died.
Top six: Carlin, Ryan, Timm, Alex, Matt and Jackson are still in the running for Angie's affections. Image: Network Ten

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