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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelorette's Haydn reveals why he stepped in after Jess Glasgow's creepy comments went too far

"I f---ing hope not!''

By Anita Lyons
It was only two weeks ago when Noosa politician Jess Glasgow managed to offend the entire country with his disgusting behaviour on The Bachelorette.
Twitter was up in arms, as was Angie - who unceremoniously kicked him out of the mansion.
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But there was one unsung hero in the mansion, Haydn Trick, who managed to stand up for women everywhere with just one sentence.
After the coveted photo shoot group date, Jess made a comment (among many) that he "would've grabbed that sweety and laid one on her!", referring to Jackson Garlick getting up close to Angie.
Straight away, Haydn responded mortified: "I f---ing hope not!" and we were cheering.
Haydn Trick stood up for women everywhere after Jess Glasgow's disgusting behaviour. (Source: Network Ten)
And now, in a chat with Now to Love after his elimination, Haydn revealed why he stepped in.
"I've got two sisters, and I had a mother, like everyone's got a mother, and that sort of behaviour shouldn't be around these days," Haydn said before admitting he didn't think it would become such a big deal.
"That was really out of left field," he said. "I didn't think they were going to air that conversation because I did swear in it. I was kind of shocked that it went to air but I'm really happy that it did. It just got to show that not all guys are like that and they won't stand for it."
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During Wednesday's episode, the boys participate in an "Ultimate Dad" challenge, with all of them agreeing about wanting children one day. All except for Haydn.
This surprised Angie, who was super keen to start having children in the next few years - and this glaring difference in their stories ultimately sent him home.
"I've just never seen myself as a kid person," Haydn said when asked where the decision came from. "And I've got my career and still have a lot of travel to do. Kids aren't really at the top of my list."
The fireman admitted that he often forgets that people "design their lives around kids" mainly because he just doesn't "really think about it."
"That was just the first time that that topic had actually come up," the 32-year-old said, referring to the group date.
"I was always going to answer truthfully. I'm not here to talk s--- and give the answer she wants to hear. But if people want to pursue their career and travel; they shouldn't be condemned for it."
The boys participated in an "Ultimate Dad" challenge. (Source: Network Ten)
Even though he became the unofficial hero of the season, we won't be seeing Haydn on reality TV again anytime soon.
"It wasn't for me," he said, although he has no regrets.
"I've had a couple of setbacks the past few years in my life so just decided to give things a go," Haydn, who lost is mum, admitted.
"Just really put myself out of my comfort zone and really give things a go. And this was really out of my comfort zone."
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