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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelorette's Harry Harris sets the record straight on his love life

The newly evicted Bachelorette star was recently pictured looking cosy with a mystery brunette.

By Rebecca Sullivan
The Bachelorette's Harry made the difficult decision to leave the mansion this week after realising he hadn't formed a strong connection with sisters Elly and Becky Miles, and as he was desperate to return home to his young son Xavier.
Speaking to WHO just hours after his elimination, Harry revealed why he definitely made the right call by leaving when he did, what his ex-wife and former House Rules co-star thinks about him going on the show, as well as those rumours he's found love with a mystery brunette...
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WHO: How are you feeling now that your time on the show is over and the outcome is all out in the open?
Harry: Yeah it's good to be honest, good to be back with my family and my friends and my boy.
Obviously getting the first rose and making a statement, we [he and Elly] had a little bit of a connection. But as soon as I told her my age and about my son, it sort of went downhill from there.
It's understandable though... I had more of a connection with Elly than Becky and Elly is a bit younger than Becky, Becky is older and it was always going to happen. In the back of my mind I sort of knew that there were some hurdles that we needed to get over if we were going to work.
We didn't get much time together and I just knew there were lots of strong connections being built around me [with Elly and the other contestants] and that it wasn't going to work. I didn't want to waste anyone's time.
We could have stayed there and faked it for a bit longer, but I've got my boy at home and he is my number one priority, so it was time for me to leave.
Harry previously starred on House Rules with his then wife Kate Whiting. (Image: House Rules)
Have you spoken to either Elly or Becky since filming wrapped?
No, I haven't.
What about the guys? You guys all seem to have got along pretty well.
Yeah massively. Everyone has kept in touch, 100 per cent. I'm going up to the Gold Coast to catch up with some of the guys who have been eliminated. They're all great lads, everyone sort of bonded.
Obviously they [Channel 10] wanted drama a little bit and they probably missed that because we became such good mates in the time we spent together.
Going on the show and choosing to leave your son must have been a tough decision. How did you and your ex-wife [former House Rules star Kate Whiting] talk through your choice and what was her reaction?
She sort of understood why I wanted to go on the show and she had backed me, which is really nice. I couldn't have done it without her.
She put out there what could come about from the show, both the negatives and the positives and I decided to give it a go and she gave me her full support.
Harry's young son Xavier is his world. (Image: Instagram)
There's a lot of speculation about your dating life at the moment and you were spotted on a beach walk with a lovely mystery woman … are you dating anyone right now?
Nah, I'm single. It was so funny watching a couple of things that have come out. Someone said they saw me on Tinder and I don't have Tinder, I've never been on Tinder and never had an account, so it must be someone pretending to be me.
I went for a walk along the beach and bumped into a girl that I know and we decided to catch up… it was quite nice actually but she's just a friend.
Harry says he's still very much single and on the market. (Image: Channel 10)
We've seen one of your fellow contestants Pascal come out criticising some of the editing on the show. What has your experience been with that? Do you feel like what viewers got to see onscreen is an accurate reflection of what actually went down?
To be honest, I feel like it all played out how it went down. I think with Pascal, it just came out wrong. At the end of the day, he said it. It was clear he said that and you have to own it. It's his opinion, it is what it is.
Any picks as to who wins this season?
I don't know who wins, but there's a few I've got in mind. Adam is a good lad…
You've obviously been on House Rules before and this is your second time on a reality TV show. Would you go for a third round and is there a particular show you've got your eye on?
At the moment I'm just enjoying this ride, but never say never!
I've always loved Survivor … I think everyone would love to go on that show. But for now I'm just enjoying this!