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The cute truth behind Georgia Love and Lee Elliott's first date on The Bachelorette

These two!

By Alex Lilly
Take your mind back to 2016 when Georgia Love was searching for... well... love on The Bachelorette.
We can't believe it's been three years since she and Lee Elliott became one of the cutest reality TV couples the country has ever seen.
But thanks to an adorable Instagram post from Lee, we now know a few more details about their first date. And it wasn't as smooth and romantic as the show's producers made it out to be.
Along with five candid shots from their first date on the show, Lee captioned his Instagram post, "3 years ago today we had our very first date (& kiss) and I'm still wearing the smile you gave me that day @georgiealove #youhadmeathello."
And while we swooned over the cute pictures, it was Georgia's cheeky comment that gave us a little more insight into what the waterside picnic date was really like.
"3 years since the only time I had to reshoot anything on a date coz I was too keen to give you a rose that I did it too soon 😂😘," she posted.
Georgia was just too keen to give her rose to Lee! (Image: Channel Ten)
One year after their first date, Georgia also revealed on her own Instagram that she was not super graceful on that first date either.
After admitting that one of the best things about meeting on the hit dating show was having so many firsts documented on camera to remember, she revealed another hilarious annecdote.
"Another pro is what was NOT caught on camera during this date, when I sat on a plastic tub and fell straight through the lid, winding up with my bum on the ground but arms and legs still over the edge of the tub, still holding a champagne bottle and glasses 😂 Sucker still fell in love with me though!"
And that's not the only time the brunette beauty had a clumsy moment on the show!
WATCH: Georgia Love makes a memorable cocktail party entrance. Post continues after video...
Georgia also marked the third anniversary of the start of her Bachelorette journey.
Captioning a snap of herself in a stunning red ballgown for the promo shot, the TV journalist described it as "the most amazing, crazy, fun, hard, life-changing experience" of her life.
"21 dates, 4 boats, 2 helicopters, 2 planes, 4 states, 2 countries, 2 original songs (!), countless tears but even more laughs, 1 lost tooth and 1 donkey! Of the 18 guys I met that night there's since been two babies, one marriage, one engagement, one Bachelor, and even one reality TV show on another network 😂 plus many lifelong friendships. But the only thing I really cared about was that there was one Lee Elliott.
"Three years after first laying eyes on you, I love you more than I ever could have imagined. Thank you @bacheloretteau 🌹❤️"

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