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EXCLUSIVE: Bachelorette’s Frazer Neate clears up THAT messaging scandal after winning Elly Miles’ heart in the finale

''People will try and cause trouble.''

By Lucy Bode
Last night viewers watched on as Elly Miles declared she was falling for 28-year-old concreter Frazer Neate in the finale of The Bachelorette.
"When I'm with you I feel like I'm right where I'm meant to be," she told him, tears brimming. "And standing here in front of you right now, I really want you to know that's where I want to stay. I'm crazy about you, Frazer."
It was a moment that gave us all goosebumps. But despite the happy ending, their love story hasn't entirely been smooth sailing.
Earlier this week, online publication The Wash, uncovered a series of direct messages between Frazer and an unknown woman.
The exchange in question was screenshot by the woman's friend, named Libby, and shared on Instagram.
"When ya friend talks to the guy on Bachelorette," she captioned the post.
This innocent screenshot sent viewers into a frenzy of scepticism. (The Wash)
While the conversation appeared to be no more than polite chit-chat, fans were convinced that Frazer was doing the dirty on Elly - or that they'd already split.
Who spoke to Frazer and Elly this morning to put an end to the speculation, with the pair confirming that they are still very much in love.
"I messaged a mate of mine saying, 'go Cats,' before the AFL grand final and she said, 'go Tiges.' So yeah, that's all," Frazer said.
Elly, 26, quickly came to Frazer's defence, dismissing the claims as "totally innocent."
"It's funny," she told us. "People will try and cause trouble and make something out of nothing. Frazer's got friends that are girls, I've got friends that are guys. That's just the way it is."
Rumours won't stop this happy couple. (Channel Ten)
In the 10 weeks since filming wrapped, the couple have been navigating their new long-distance relationship between New South Wales and Queensland. And although coronavirus travel restrictions made things difficult at times, they managed to steal away together without the cameras catching on.
"We were able to find a couple of COVID loopholes so that we could see each other without Frazer or myself having to quarantine," Elly said.
"The borders also started to open up a little bit so we could go to Byron Bay and have a bit of a getaway, which was really nice. And now Newcastle and Brisbane are open to each other so that's going to make things so easy."
Elly is willing to move for love. (Supplied)
The grand plan, however, is for Elly to make the move up North in the new year.
"I'm lucky with my job. I can work wherever being a nurse and I've been in Newie for many years," she said. "I gave Sydney a bit of a shot and I don't like that either. So I'm ready for a change and Frazer's worth it."
And as for how they kept their secret under wraps for so long?
"I think we were so lucky that we didn't have to wait as long as they have in previous seasons for everything to come out. So that was definitely a blessing for us," Elly explained, adding that they adopted code names to lead others off the scent.
"I couldn't have him saved in my phone under Frazer as that would have given things away a little bit and he has a bit of any game amongst his friends where they call him 'Big Sexy' for obvious reasons!"
"Fraser had me as 'Little Sexy,' but then he nearly got busted in his car when I came up on the Bluetooth thing. So he had to change me to 'Belle."
Too cute! Congratulations to the new couple!
This story originally appeared on our sister site, Who.