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Bachelorette front-runner Frazer Neate has been spotted messaging another woman ahead of the finale


By Maddison Hockey
All the signs on this season of The Bachelorette point to Frazer Neate winning Elly Miles' heart come finale time.
There have been editing details and sneaky screenshots to support the theory, not to mention the betting odds.
The chemistry between Elly and Frazer is electric. (Supplied)
With fans all but convinced the 28-year-old concreter from Brisbane leaves the show with Elly, there's one burning question everyone wants the answer to: Are they still together?
Rumours have already been swirling that the couple has split since filming but a recently discovered series of messages by The Wash, between Frazer and a woman who is not Elly, could confirm it.
The photograph in question was taken by the woman's friend, named Libby, and shared on Instagram, captioning: "When ya friend talks to the guy on Bachelorette".
It shows the woman's phone and a series of messages with an account that appears to be Frazer Neate's with the official blue tick and same handle name.
Innocent conversation or something more? (The Wash)
While the messages aren't much more than polite chit-chat, the caption by Libby hints otherwise, and fans are convinced it's a sign of an inevitable split between Frazer and Elly.
That is, if he does in fact win Elly's heart in the finale.
The 28-year-old immediately caught Elly's attention when he entered the mansion on night one of the show.
Speaking to the camera, Elly giggled: "Frazer... he is gorgeous! Physically, hello Christmas!"
Frazer has been a front-runner since day one. (Channel Ten)
Frazer's rugged good looks and charming nervousness wasn't all that caught fans attention however, there were many subtle editing clues that point to him becoming a frontrunner.
The "wifey/hubby edit" has been a long-running theory surrounding contestants' entrances on the first night, and if any of Becky and Elly's potential matches received the edit, it was Frazer.
Fans noted the swirling, romantic music in the background as Frazer entered the mansion, as well as how much time his entrance received on screen – just enough to make him memorable but not too much that he's an obvious big name.