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These pics of the Bachelorette boys as kids are enough to make you giddy


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From boys to men, Angie's final four have come a long way.
And while there's no denying these blokes are blessed in the looks department, it turns out they've were pretty darn cute since way back.
Yep, Angie's top four all have their own colourful backgrounds, and they've got the pics to prove it!
Keep scrolling as we take a walk down memory lane with the remaining lads competing for Angie's heart.
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Now 25, Jackson says he was a sports-mad tearaway as a kid – and a teen!
"I was the worst," he jokes.
"I was a wildcard. I deadset tested mum and dad's patience and my two younger brothers were saints compared to me."
Look out, Angie!
Jackson was an unstoppable force when he was younger. (Supplied)
And he still is today! (Instagram)


"I'll make a great dad and I want to have kids - soon," 33-year-old Ryan says.
And despite enduring two bouts of open-heart surgery as a child and as a teen, Ryan says he never lost his cheeky grin.
He said the experience taught him to appreciate "every second" of life.
Ryan was the cutest wee kid! (Supplied)
And his charming and joyful nature hasn't changed a bit. (Instagram)


As a kid, Timm admits to being "a ratbag, the class clown and I got a few detentions".
But Timm, 27, always "had good intentions".
That said, he reckons his larrikin spirit means he'll be a "fun dad" one day.
He says, "I was a bit of a handful so I'm sure I'll be able to handle rowdy kids!"
Larrikin Timm has always been a colourful character. (Supplied)
You can't deny his fun-loving spirit! (Instagram)


"My babysitter named her son Carlin because of how lovely I was," boasts this Carlin, now 30.
"I was the opposite of naughty."
This nice guy adds that although he was bullied at school, "it's helped me grow into the person I've become".
Nice-guy Carlin is always ready to lend a hand. (Supplied)
We'll graciously accept it, too... (Instagram)

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