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Ciarran Stott takes a subtle swipe at Timm Hanly ahead of The Bachelorette Australia finale

“Carlin is the only geezer I felt like I would have come second to”

By Tina Burke
We're just a few hours away from The Bachelorette Australia finale, with fans close to finding out which suitor Angie Kent has chosen - Timm Hanly or Carlin Sterritt.
Though there are countless theories about what the boys are wearing and how they're standing in certain photos, we'll have to wait until tonight at 7:30pm to officially know the answer.
Until then, we're taking a look at all the clues we can.
One such clue that caught our attention very quickly was a post from fan-favourite Ciarran Stott, who had to leave the series early after the death of his beloved Nan. He had a strong connection with Angie and was a clear frontrunner from the beginning.
Ahead of tonight's finale, Ciarran has shared an Instagram post backing Carlin for the win. He also used the post to take a subtle swipe at Timm in the caption.
"Good luck to this saucy devil," Ciarran wrote, alongside a selfie with Carlin.
"The only geezer I felt like I would have come second to. Much love tonight."
It didn't take his followers long to pick up the notes of favouritism, with Ciarran's post seemingly stating that Ciarran doesn't think Timm could have beaten him. Or, it might mean he's hinting that Carlin is the winner.
"Not angry, just disappointed in Ciarran for not supporting Timm," one follower commented on the post.
"The show's editing made it like you and Tim were good buddies. This post is slightly telling and very quietly passive aggressive — haha I see you Ciarran," adds another.
Ciarran posts a selfie with Carlin ahead of the finale. Image: Instagram
Ciarran's post follows on from his claims he "could have been the one" had he not left early.
The star, who was smitten by Angie, told TV WEEK he regretting leaving, after his elimination aired.
"I reckon I could have been the one. I had a good connection with her. I made her laugh, I made her feel good, so I could have [been the winner]," he said.
Though his time with Angie was cut short, Ciarran does admit he still carries a torch for the blonde beauty.
"I mean I did say that to her as I was leaving, like if you can't find anything with this lot then slid in to my DMs," he jokes.
"So I'll have to wait for that last episode to air and see how it pans out, but if [she's not with anyone] I'll jump in hers for sure."
With his chances dashed, Ciarran has backed a clear winner in Carlin.
Could Carlin be the one to win Angie's heart? Image: Network 10
The Bachelorette Australia airs Thursday, 7:30pm, on Network 10.

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