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The Bachelorette's Angie's heartbreak over Carlin's ex: "She hates the fact they're still friends"

Angie has been left heartbroken after discovering Carlin's still hung up on his wife.

By Woman's Day team
When Angie Kent picked Carlin Sterritt in the romantic finale of The Bachelorette last week, fans couldn't have been happier that the Gogglebox star had put all her doubts to one side and found The One.
But despite their cathartic ending, an insider tells Woman's Day that Angie, 29, has been left feeling torn since the show's end, wondering if she has made the right decision by choosing the dubious suitor.
While the new couple enjoyed a peaceful few days alone together in Byron Bay after filming, once they returned to their normal lives things went from bad to worse.
"Angie quickly realised that Carlin was still caught up with his [estranged] wife," a source dishes.
"It was a real shock to her because he had told Angie they were completely over, but that wasn't exactly the case."
Despite splitting more than a year ago, our source says Carlin, 30, has far from moved on from his ex Taran Higgins. In fact, he was in "constant contact" with her, which didn't sit well with Angie.
Angie is starting to have doubts about her final pick. (Source: Channel 10)


"She hates the fact that they're still friends and talk most days – she can't understand it," the source reveals.
"It has brought up all of the doubts that had surfaced during filming and it's starting to take a toll on her."
Angie's doubts come just weeks after Taran made a heartfelt tribute to her ex on Instagram. "Shout out to [Carlin] for being his true and authentic self. #1fan," she captioned a photo of them on their wedding day, before referring to the handsome model as a "bombshell".
Carlin and Taran are finalising their divorce but still have "constant contact." (Source: Instagram)
Taran Higgins uploaded a mock wedding photo of her estranged husband Carlin Sterritt to Instagram, despite him moving on. (Source:Instagram)
According to the source, Angie wanted to start things off with Carlin on a "clean slate", so she gave him an ultimatum to finalise his divorce with Taran quick smart. However, it wasn't as simple as signing on the dotted line like Carlin had made out it would be.
"Carlin and Taran were having dramas sorting out their paperwork situation," the insider explains. "Angie started to worry that he didn't want to finalise it or that Taran was still in love with him and Carlin was just being nice."
Angie's concerns that there might be unfinished business between her new beau and his ex are said to have driven a wedge between the couple.
"Angie's sick of coming second to him and is starting to doubt his intentions and question if he's really over Taran like he says he is," the source dishes.
"She's starting to think that maybe all the red flags have been exactly that and she feels like an idiot for not paying attention to the signs sooner."
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While Carlin is having a bad case of the ex, it turns out he's not the only one! One contestant tells Woman's Day that Angie found out via social media that her ex-boyfriend got engaged during filming.
"She mentioned it to the boys one night and tried to laugh it off, but we could tell she was upset about it," he dishes. "She started doubting her connection with the boys from that moment forward." According to the contestant, there was also talk Angie had even reached out to her ex after finding out the news. "The boys started to wonder if she might still be in love with him," he explains.
Whilst filming Angie found out that her ex boyfriend is now engaged sending her into a spin. (Source: Channel 10)
"With everything going on, you couldn't blame her for wondering if she'd made the right decision signing up for the show."
Her ex's engagement has sent Ange in a spin.

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